ZALF | New Company Showroom


Furniture systems become architectural structures that can be used in all areas of the home according to new living styles.
Design that creates space.
The evolution of society is reflected in a living design that meets the requirements of new models of living together: single, extended and multigenerational families, singles and other forms of cohabitation.

In keeping with this philosophy, Zalf has opened its new company showroom in Falzè di Piave: 600 square metres on 2 floors.

The space features calibrated perpendicular lines with a warm pale colour for the different surfaces, with an enveloping and uniform effect: micro-cement for the floors and a lime-based finish for the walls and ceilings.

The inclusion of colourful details, such as lobster red and blue, is the result of an in-depth study that draws on the great teachings of the Bauhaus and, more generally, the architecture of the modern movement.

The absence of partition walls highlights the “Design that Generates space” concept. Spaces are fluid and functions are defined by the furniture.

Another recurring element in the design is the use of shadowlines to enhance various architectural features or emphasise lines.

Natural light is also a design element. Large windows are not shaded and open onto local vineyards, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, further reflecting the company’s bond with the local area.

The ground floor houses the SpaceMakers Home collection, whereas the first floor is dedicated to SpaceMakers Young.

Furnishing entrances and connecting spaces with innovative storage solutions. Integrated systems feature an interplay of open and closed spaces without the need for vertical partitions.

Living solutions that are ideal for all types of context, space and furnishing requirement thanks to modular systems and many compositional options.

In line with the latest living requirements, where our homes need to accommodate multiple functions, the home office takes shape within the new living concept. Modular bookcases, desks and partition panels create dedicated and easily convertible spaces. New sideboards can be used to enhance a wall or provide a base. A refined storage solution for creating unique compositions, in which colour and shape take centre stage. Walk-in wardrobes in minimalist design optimise all available space. In a rational and accessible manner, systems create functional solutions that can be coordinated with the mood of the surroundings. A versatile wardrobe collection that can be fully customised in terms of colours, finishes and dimensions. A choice of hinged, sliding and coplanar doors. A wide range of accessories to optimise interiors.