A design enterprise
between art and sport

Our Mission

We believe in, and promote, Italian style and design, inspired by our creativity and artisan origins. It is our desire to provide décor systems and complementary items for all the rooms in the house and contract projects that are excellent, functional and affordable.

Gruppo Euromobil’s business adventure started in 1972 and became a case history in the furnishing and entrepreneurial world of Italy’s Veneto region. The story of this woodworking business narrates how - through the smart choices made by the owners, i.e. the brothers Antonio, Fiorenzo, Gaspare and Giancarlo Lucchetta – it has undergone a thorough transformation since the mid-eighties, growing to become one of the most important industrial groups on the furniture market.

An evolution with a significant industrial bent and a mission to improve the potential of mass production to achieve the most balanced quality/price ratio possible while constantly and carefully monitoring the transformations of an increasingly more global market.

A family of entrepreneurs that looks to the future thanks to the harmonious and synergetic collaboration between different generations.

our brands

Gruppo Euromobil in figures

Gruppo Euromobil in figures

180.000 mq

total area

180.000 mq total area

Gruppo Euromobil in figures

50 years

of history

50 years of history

Gruppo Euromobil in figures

250 +

our employees

250 + our employees

Gruppo Euromobil in figures

800 +

stores. In more than 40 countries in the world

800 + stores. In more than 40 countries in the world
Territory and tradition

A positive model of business growth has developed in the Veneto region while preserving its original values.

An industrial concern deeply rooted in the Veneto region, in particular in the area around Treviso, in the hub of the Italian, small to medium-sized enterprise area where the history of firms intertwines with that of numerous families that founded and inspired many a business. The events that mark the personal and entrepreneurial path of Gruppo Euromobil are an important case study: a positive model of company growth which – starting from the foundation of a small family business – grew on its woodworking, technical and moral strengths to become a large industrial group.