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An innovative company that produces kitchens and coordinated systems for the living room.

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It was the first company launched by the group in 1972. This firm immediately became a landmark for as much as regards production and management. Technological investments paved the way to the achievement of a perfect balance between design, quality and affordability while creating a corporate image and style that can be recognised all over the world.

Company Showroom

The showroom is the place where the company expresses its corporate identity, a space created and designed to offer visitors an authentic brand experience so that all the basic values of Euromobil’s philosophy can be appreciated to the full. The showroom space celebrates the product as if it were a piece of architecture: a large theatre without walls, where furnishings are lead actors that also create the settings.

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Corso Monforte 30/3, Milan

The store is a business platform in the historical hub of Italy’s financial capital, which is also the birthplace of design exported all over the world. It’s not just a store though; it's also a place where culture is experienced and generated, encompassing corporate values so as to make it much more than a showroom. Space is organised is such a way as to set off the hub of the home, i.e. the kitchen.
Store Milano Euromobil