GRUPPO EUROMOBIL E L'ARTE | Virgilio Guidi nella Villa dei Maestri antichi


From 15 July to 17 September 2023, the rooms on the ground and first floors, including the splendid Sala degli Stucchi at Villa Morosini, Polesella (Rovigo), will host "Virgilio Guidi nella Villa dei Maestri antichi", a small but precious anthological exhibition dedicated to a great master of 20th-century Italian art, Virgilio Guidi
Starting with the interiors, still lifes and landscapes of the 1910s and 1920s, the exhibition, curated by Giovanni Granzotto and Luciano Zerbinati, reconstructs Guidi's entire artistic career, continuing with the Figures and 'New Venetias' of the late 1920s and 1930s and 1940s, documenting the magical period of Venetian Spatialism in the post-war period, and concluding with the final, stunning Whites of the late 1970s. The works in the exhibition enter into dialogue with the paintings that make up the Villa's sumptuous permanent collection, which includes valuable antique pieces - works by Bronzino, by Tiepolo's master Gregorio Lazzarini and a bust of Bernini - and contemporary ones, from the famous collection of the All Angelo restaurant in Venice, a historic meeting place for the post-World War II avant-garde movements run by the Carrain family, including the famous 'Angelo triptych' by Santomaso, Vedova and Pizzinato.

Gruppo Euromobil is the event's main sponsor.