EUROMOBIL | The new SEI and Kitchen Atmosphere Re_Design 2 catalogs


Kitchens are the heart of contemporary homes: the Euromobil catalogues are a celebration of this. Each page is a narrative of made-in-Italy kitchen systems inspired by the philosophy of design that generates space.

Flipping through the new SEI catalogue, we are immersed in Marc Sadler's design characterized by the ultra-slim thickness (6 mm) of tops, side panels, shelves and accessories - it is here declined in four compositions, with a succession of set images and inspirational moodboards that emphasize the wide range of finishes offered.

The second edition of the Kitchen Atmosphere Re-Design catalogue is itself an authentic kaleidoscope of materials, shapes and innovative furniture solutions. Organized into three moods representing just as many living styles, between art, architecture and haute couture - Monochrome, Contrast and Natural - the volume showcases new systems, exclusive modularities, and countless finishes.

Euromobil also expands the modul sizes of the Lain and Antis models, with 19-cm high front and drawer bases - one can choose to combine different materials for a bold contrast, or opt for a single finish that creates a striking tone-on-tone effect.

Further innovations include the Cabinet Folding receding door system, with new tall unit top elements, and the very thick (22 cm) Work countertop system, available in various lengths and depths and that can be attached to the wall or used on islands.

Euromobil: Not simple kitchens or storage elements but true architectural structures that redesign spaces, create them, shape them.