EUROMOBIL + DÉSIRÉE | Design Therapy | Milan, 04_20.10.2021


Matteo Thun & Partners presents a holistic vision of the hotel of tomorrow, interpreting a new direction being taken in the hospitality industry. Design Therapy for the 2019 edition of the Elle Decor Grand Hotel held at the Palazzo Morando, Milan focuses on the physical and mental wellness of guests, in which nature takes on a decisive role. A dynamic, multisensorial journey towards the hospitality of the future.

As highlighted by Matteo Thun and partner Antonio Rodriguez, the Latin word “hospes” means “guest”. Design Therapy aims to merge the aesthetics of hospitality with that of healthcare emphasising the relationship between physical space and wellbeing and assigning a leading role to nature, guests and people. Design Therapy proposes a natural surrounding, generating neurological and physiological benefits. The project shows neither a hospital nor a hotel, but the result of the symbiosis between healthcare and tourism, which future structures will have to take into account.

Here, some iconic Euromobil Group furnishings have been selected and exhibited:
- Euromobil, LEON kitchen | designer Roberto Gobbo & SEI | designer Marc Sadler
- Désirée, ARLON complements | designers Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez

Elle Decor Grand Hotel, ‘Design Therapy’
Palazzo Morando - Via Sant’Andrea, 6 – 20121 Milano