Eurosky | Rome, Italy

Eurosky | Rome, Italy

Italy’s tallest residential high-rise building, in the suburbs of Rome

The Eurosky Tower is a skyscraper in Rome, the tallest civil building in the city and one of the tallest residential towers in Italy. Designed by architect Franco Purini, it is located in Torrino, a residential area bordering EUR. The design is inspired by the city's medieval towers, such as the Torre delle Milizie.

The building won the prestigious Real Estate Award - Smart Green Buildin sustainability award. It is an example of virtuous architecture: photovoltaic panels, rainwater collection, pneumatic waste collection on the floor.

The project for the commercialization of the residential units comes from the partnership between Brera Contract and the Gabetti group.

Styling packages created ad hoc for the rooms and the mood of the flats, including furniture, wall paper, textile accessories, objects dedicated to each room and a touch of green.

There are 6 different styles:
Journey - Absinthe
Harmony - Mistral 
Discovery - Malvasia
Breath - Juniper
Personality - Levante
The goal - Amarone

Gruppo Euromobil contributed to the project with Euromobil kitchens; the sofas - Kubic, Ludwig, Easton, Haneda, Lovely day, Monopoli - and the armchairs - Koster, Lacoon, One flo - by Désirée; finally, SpaceMakers by Zalf have been furnished living and sleeping areas thanks to the possibility of generating solutions that contain the living functions, in a flexible way and without the need for vertical partitions.