ZALF | Milano Design Week 15_21.04.2024


In the historical Brera district close to Castello Sforzesco, for the Milano Design Week, Zalf makes its versatile furniture systems the stars of an oversize living room through the Opus installation, opening the door to a reality where space multiplies.

Here, among rooms that expand beyond the ordinary, Zalf furniture reveals itself to be the protagonist of an oversize narrative, incarnating the essence of a living project that challenge every expectation.

The Brera Contract space, set up for the occasion by the architect Roberto Gobbo, is reinvented thanks to evocative elements such as the lofted entrance, to explore Zalf's design from all angles, and the use of large mirrors which, as well as decorating the ceiling, duplicate the space, playing with perception and inviting an exploratory journey through the infinite possibilities of living.

Elements such as the Freespace system and the Windy wall units re-emerge in a new light thanks to the use of the Opus material in its three finishes of mattone, calce and cemento, evidence of the continuous search for solutions capable of merging aesthetics, functionality and the latest technology. Opus from this year on will join the large family of TSS (Thermo Structured Surface) finishes. Strong, scratch-resistant, easy to clean and with good durability, Opus finishes are characterised by the rich texture of the surface, with barely noticeable glazes and exclusive shades with a plaster-like effect.

Zalf, through the elements of the Opus installation, expresses its vocation for designing furniture systems that become architectural structures, highlighting the design of multifunctional storage elements. In addition, the new Opus finish contributes to a warmer and more embracing environment.

For the second year in a row, the collaboration between Zalf and Brera Contract has led to the creation of a space where architectural barriers dissolve. With the use of innovative furnishing systems, the space expands, turning into a fantastic environment that invites visitors to explore the infinite possibilities of imagination, customising the space as they wish.