DÉSIRÉE | Innovative textile NFC label


Désirée is the first soft furnishing design brand to have adopted NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that “talks” about its furniture. This contactless technique is used all over the world to transfer data from one device to another and allows the company to apply a special label containing a chip to sofas, armchairs and beds. When a person places their smartphone near the label, a signal is automatically sent which opens a webpage containing precise and unequivocal information about that specific model including the designer, the finishes and the covers chosen, assembly information, whether the covers are removable, care instructions, technical features and much more. This technology makes it possible to do without the paperwork usually provided with the product when it is delivered, thus saving on the use of paper. A small but significant benefit for the environment.

This is possible thanks to the NFC chip inside the label - which can transmit the item’s "ID card” by means of a contactless signal at a distance of maximum 10 cm - stitched onto the furniture during its finishing phase by a Désirée worker.  There are many advantages that make this novelty a real asset: Désirée’s customers will be able to obtain accurate information at any time, even years after a purchase which may be useful if they want to buy additional items from the same line, require new fabric or need care and maintenance information.  That’s not all: this special label also has a precious anti-counterfeiting function because it guarantees the uniqueness of the purchased product by certifying its authenticity.

From this label it’s also possible to activate the procedure to extend the product’s warranty to 5 years from the date of manufacture. The warranty covers manufacturing defects concerning the structural parts of soft furnishings which consist in the wooden and/or metal frame and relative upholstery (excluding cushions and covers).  

All this is possible by simply placing a smartphone or Android or iOS tablet provided with NFC technology (usually present on latest-generation devices) next to the product with no need to install apps or use cameras. To illustrate how it works, the company has prepared a short video tutorial, once again demonstrating how close it is to its customers' needs, well aware that these do not end when a product is purchased but continue over time in view of a personalised and long-lasting relationship.