GRUPPO EUROMOBIL | “Live your life, with us”


21st June 21 – Starting from today, Mediaset Play is broadcasting Gruppo Euromobil’s  new LIVE YOUR LIFE, WITH USspot . Filmed in the group’s new flagship store in Corso Monforte, Milan, it is 30 seconds long and viewers have two time-slots to watch it in: the first lasts a few weeks starting from 21st June while the second is  in October. Investing in a TV channel is an important novelty for Gruppo Euromobil since the company has always preferred printed and digital advertising tools belonging to the furniture and lifestyle world. This is a positive sign for the future that confirms the ongoing trend of a dynamic and continuously-developing company.

The spot covers all three brands of the group including their high-end products inserted in an openly pop story: Euromobil with its kitchens, Désirée with its upholstered and occasional furniture and Zalf with its collections for the entire home and for the office. The spot narrates the story of a growing family. It starts with a mother making a spinning top out of wood for her little girl. This spinning top is the leitmotif of the whole story because it appears as a guiding thread in all the important moments of the family’s life. One evening, the little girl and her father have fun making a tart while the top is spinning.

Years later, the girl is now twenty years old and goes out on a date with her boyfriend. Her dad – thinking wistfully about how quickly she has grown – sees the top and relives the past. That evening, when the girl comes home, she finds the ingredients of a cake left by her dad in the kitchen with the top standing next to them. A memory of the evening spent cooking with her dad forms in her mind and she feels the urge to prepare a cake. When her parents wake up in the morning they find a tart on the table and their daughter sleeping on the sofa, holding the top in her hand. The final shot is of the whole family together at breakfast while the girl spins the top again.

"We like the idea of telling a story that revolves around a small, wooden top that is handed down from generation to generation – explain the Lucchetta brothers, the owners of the company. Wood is the symbol of eco-sustainability and of nature, but also of a culture focused on prestigious furniture. The spinning top, therefore, has multiple meanings and is evocative of some of the values embedded in Gruppo Euromobil’s mindset, such as the excellence of Italian design, quality materials and respect for the environment. These are, in fact, the values that have driven the company’s development and helped it find its own, particular balance over the past 50 years. And balance is the keystone of the spinning top metaphor: it manages to keep its balance in place by counting only on the movements it makes around itself, just like Gruppo Euromobil - a proudly self-made company - that sources the energy to move towards the future within itself”.