Expo Village Cascina Merlata, Expo Milan 2015 | Italy

Expo Village Cascina Merlata, Expo Milan 2015 | Italy

A very important recognition for Euromobil Group considering the Expo Milano 2015

Euromobil has been selected by EuroMilano as the expression of the Made in Italy Company to provide the entire domestic spaces furniture of the Expo Village of Cascina Merlata, the wide area at north-west of Milan, close to the Expo site.

The neighbourhood of Cascina Merlata, is a urban redevelopment action made by EuroMilano and will cover 540.000 square meters with facilitated and conventional residences, schools, a park of 200.000 square meters and a shopping centre.

The heart of the project will be the largest settlement of Social Housing in Italy: it is a major accomplishment consisting of 11 tower buildings, developed by different design studios - Cino Zucchi Architetti, Cappai and Segantini Associati, Mario Cucinella, Pura, B22, Teknoarch - and developed according to the most advanced principles of sustainability for a district in class A and with zero emissions. Beni Stabili Gestioni SpA SGR, which acquired the Expo Village on behalf of a fund with the CdP, at the end of the period in use by delegates, allocates housing to rent or purchase for young couples, single-income families, non-resident students and seniors.

Between the 1 March 2015 to 31 March 2016 the facilities will be used temporary as Expo Village by the delegates and the staff of the countries taking part of the exhibition. For this period they will be completed 7 of the 11 buildings planned for the following years, for a total of 397 accommodations and appurtenances. The medium capacity will be of 1200/1500 guests.

The ground floors will be used as common services and multifunctional –info-point, laundry, gym, living spaces, newsstand, medical rooms, bar, inter-religious room – and some of them will remain open after the Expo for the future users of Village Cascina Merlata. This project took a path definition which began two years ago, when EuroMilano, the real estate group promoter of this initiative for urban development, commissioned at Politecnico of Milan a deep research for the interior designs and the furnishings for the Expo Village.

The Design Department team of Politecnico (Luisa Collina as professor and Expo 2015 Rector Delegate, Laura Galluzzo, PhD Student, Massimo Antinarelli, architect and adjunct professor and with the support of Sara Bazzoli) has developed a project considering the location of the flats: that means a temporary use during Expo 2015 and a permanent one for the subsequent years. For this reason there is the possibility of uninstall and re-use finishes and furniture.

In the interests of quality, the partners selected for these supplies had to be made in Italy companies made ​​in Italy, expression of excellence in the continuity of the historical tradition of Italian design.

Within this course the Euromobil Group has been chosen as the official provider for all the furnishings.