ZALF | The future is now


Zalf, which joined the large Gruppo Euromobil family in 1974, has specialized over the years in the production of modular furniture and systems for the living and sleeping areas. The company's vision, always looking to the future, has led to a continuous renewal of the proposal until the creation of two catalogues, SpaceMakers Home and SpaceMakers Young, which contain the entire production divided by intended use.

The common denominator of Zalf's modus operandi is its propensity to consider furnishing elements as architectural elements, offering the opportunity to build an entire home on a human scale, limiting masonry work to a minimum. It is this peculiarity, summed up in the headline "design that generates space", that characterizes the brand and is reconfirmed in the new collections. Two catalogues, one dedicated to systems and complements for the living and sleeping areas, and one entirely dedicated to spaces for young people in which the individual is placed at the center of the project.

Both catalogues, in addition to illustrating the new collections with evocative images and a wealth of details, also present a series of new colors and finishes in line with current trends but always inspired by the archetypes of modern architecture such as the Bauhaus.

Along with the catalogues, the website has also been revamped, with great emphasis on ease of navigation and findability of information. The home page speaks clearly, SpaceMakers Home and SpaceMakers Young are narrated with videos and full screen images in which color is the protagonist. A further service offered to the customer is the virtual tour of the new company showroom in Falzè di Piave, inaugurated a few months ago, through which it is possible to move among the numerous rooms of the home in a space designed ad hoc to render the completeness of the Zalf proposal.