EUROMOBIL | New Company Showroom


Quintessential beauty describes the place in which Euromobil presents its kitchens and more: the company has recently opened its new company showroom in Via Circonvallazione 21 in Falzé di Piave, in the province of Treviso, consisting of an open space covering 900 square metres. This area has been specifically created without inside walls, and showcases the versatility of models that become authentic modular systems capable of creating “rooms inside rooms” (take Kabinspace for instance). Fitting solutions with a distinctive identity offer users of residential or professional spaces the chance to create storage volumes that suit their personal lifestyles, requirements and budgets, putting an end to the common restrictions imposed by structural elements and obstacles.


The showroom preserves the atmosphere of the industrial site it is located on, with exposed beams and original flooring and materials. It is a “container” specifically designed so as not to detract from its content, which is the real focus of the project. The space is defined by various partitions – even including tree-like installations – that create stunning atmospheres, enhanced by refined lighting fixtures which are furnishings in themselves. Thus, space comes to life and is shaped by the clever use of solids and voids, light and shadows. This location has been conceived in such a way as to go beyond the concept of a showroom space: in one of the kitchens - which is operational – Euromobil plans to organise show cooking and wine tasting events as well as more general cultural and artistic moments in a “forum area” from which it will be possible to communicate with the outside world, creating a connection between its suggestions and the ideas coming from beyond the company. 

The showcased kitchens represent the best of Euromobil’s production. An overview of the many modular options offered by the company pinpoints models that can be used together because their finishes are shared across the board (e.g. the Ambrogio countertop unit with an electric shutter, the Horizon wall panelling, the Motus sliding midway unit and the Rondò breakfast bar). These are all very hi-tech elements that reflect the “kitchen tech” idea, for absolute functionality in line with the style of the designers working with the company.  Timeless kitchens that embody quality – regarding technical and aesthetic aspects as well as in terms of economic sustainability - as absolute values. The common denominator is care to detail that turns every piece of furniture into a long-lasting and extremely functional asset.

To help everyone find their own ideal combination from the over one hundred catalogue materials and colours (two of the most exclusive novelties are Dekor glass and Wood Canetè), the brand suggests 3 moods to guide customers in their choice:  i.e. the Monochrome, Contrast e Natural conceptual threads, symbolically represented by three works of art currently exhibited in the flagship store in Corso Monforte in Milan for the Milano Designer’s Week. These works are: “Touch” by Jorrit Tornquist, “A regola d’arte” by Alberto Biasi and “Adam and Eve” by l’orMa.

The showroom doesn’t just showcase kitchens: you can also find shelving units – such as the recently-released Totem model – and furnishing accessories and sofas by Désirée, used to divide spaces to better suggest the idea of a contemporary home increasingly more focused on domestic spaces without inside walls where areas are defined by the furniture itself which - installed at will – takes on the status of architecture.