DÉSIRÉE | 2022 Collection


Désirée has got us accustomed to beautiful and elegant things and locations thanks to the company’s love for interpreting different worlds and transmitting strong emotions. During Gruppo Euromobil’s 50th Anniversary, the new 2022 products were photographed in Villa Barbaro a masterpiece by Andrea Palladio - also known as Villa di Maser.

The 2022 collection – including pieces designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, Marc Sadler, Jaj Jalan, Setsu and Shinobu Ito – has been produced with a particular focus on quality materials and, in this context, proves that design can interact with Renaissance history, art and architecture.

Villa di Maser is located in the province of Treviso, on the hills of Asolo, and became a Unesco World Heritage site in 1996. This location unique in the world, contains artworks of another two, extraordinary Renaissance artists, i.e. Paolo Veronese and Alessandro Vittoria, a painter and a sculpor respectively.  

This Villa is a fusion of the artistic and cultural values of the Veneto region and a tribute to the love of art and of architecture that has always distinguished Gruppo Euromobil.

For the first time, the marvellous combination consisting of the eclectic qualities of the brand and of the extraordinary location is narrated through a purpose-designed tool.

Together with the new catalogue, that showcases products by means of a selection of evocative photos, Désirée is also launching a bilingual, digital magazine – in Italian and English – accessible from your computer or from a mobile device and full to the brim with pictures and videos. The collection is accompanied by information and anecdotes dedicated to the great, 16th century masters.

The magazine “Genius loci. Design, architecture and art, a holy trinity that draws from its local context”, is available on Désirée’s Home Page and will be promoted by means of a direct marketing plan and of social media ads. 

Désirée belongs to a continuously evolving group that has always believed in the value of communication and has invested in it with conviction since the very outset of its history.