Private Home | Mie, Japan

Private Home | Mie, Japan

Sustainable, timeless design

T-Residence is a private house located in the Japanese city of Mie, just a few hours from Tokyo by train.

The interior of the house boasts a Lain kitchen by Euromobil, where the symmetrical minimalist forms and Lavagna coloured Tecnolamina Mat Respet® finish create a monochromatic and overall single material effect.

The Tecnolamina Respet® finish is a 100% green innovative material composed of a recycled PET film generated by ordinary plastic bottles. It guarantees a surface extremely resistant to scuffing and chemicals, as it is treated with an anti-yellowing varnish that also makes the colour fast and constant over time.


Linear design, high quality and stunning good looks, together with durable materials, make Lain Respet® a sustainable choice that will fit in easily with different lifestyles, tastes, needs and budgets.