Zotti. The '80

Zotti. The '80

Zotti. Eighties
Rimini, Castel Sismondo
21 January to 28 March 2012

paint for the Press : Wednesday, January 18, 2012 from 13 pm

Rimini pays tribute through a selection of 30 works, many large format, to what Marco Goldin has always considered the decade high in the activity of Carmelo Zotti (Trieste, 1933 - London, 2007).
The exhibition, curated by Marco Goldin precisely, is promoted by Fondazione Cassa di Rimini, The Shadow Line and the Group of Euromobil Lucchetta brothers, historical partner of critical Treviso and above have always been close to Carmelo Zotti, having followed the work with the proposal of exhibitions and volumes from precisely the eighties.

Zotti, among other things, for published by Skira, comes these days, with the support of its key Euromobil Group, the second and final volume of the Catalogue, officially presented at Arte Fiera Bologna 2012, but its first appearance will be precisely Rimini on the occasion of the exhibition of Castel Sismondo. So as to allow all journalists to be able to see a preview.

To Carmelo Zotti is a search that from the outset, alongside painting and drawing and is characterized by the importance of the sign and its inseparable relationship with light. Recurrent subjects are human figures, landscapes, which take on a value from the seventies surrealistic his painting becomes more and more "dream theater", in which the figures animate imaginary places, sometimes full of exotic charm. Spaces, echoing Böcklin, Savinio, de Chirico, or Munch, open the horizons of inner reality. A lyricism that is almost visionary, but which is portrayed with great intensity, for example, in the strong and sharp color quality, with outlining the figures and the natural element.

Goldin, in the long essay accompanying the exhibition, then focuses on the endings Venetian Zotti, setting up an interesting parallel between the sixteenth century Venetian painting, Tintoretto in the head, and the painter of Istrian origin. And for a real magic in this case can be said to be fully successful, you will see, after a plan only within Sismondo Castle, one of the most beautiful pictures of Zotti, the famous painting Evening in 1985, and the large and famous, and full of charm, Deposition made by Tintoretto just after the mid-sixteenth century, when receiving a commission for the cycle in Laguna San Rocco. Coming from exceptionally Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh, and this as one of the gems, among many others, the exhibition From Vermeer to Kandinsky, the work of Tintoretto will also directly then an amazing anticipation of canvas Zotti. Thing that the visitor will certainly not escape.

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