Zigaina and Pasolini. Paintings, theater, film and social redemption

Zigaina and Pasolini. Paintings, theater, film and social redemption

"When art can not become fashion" by Enzo Spadon in collaboration with Angelo Catanzaro, features more than 50 works by the two artists, including 12 drawings by Pier Paolo Pasolini for the first time presented in Turin and Piedmont. Two artists and sincere friends, citing the same Pasolini "ontology for each other", as well as associates in understanding art and then life itself. The exhibition will open on Saturday, March 9, at 17.

In subjects Zigaina, linked from the beginning to the reality of the lagoon of Grado, are always alive observations of land, woods, along the banks of the stumps, the mulberry trees, vineyards and sunflowers. His realism, characterized by a strong expressionist evolves, it becomes even metamorphically in a language more and more visionary, gradually freeing the mode of figurative representation and space.

The experience of painting Pasolini belongs indissolubly to his diverse and vital form of expression. It 'part of its course, although the less known by the public. It also declares Zigaina: "He always painted as a poet ... Ever since I met him after the war has always experienced the strangest painting techniques, using and mixing different materials stranger ..."

this cultural event will complete inside painting, drawing, disability, literature, cinema (by Pasolini's film festival at the IMAX Baretti of Turin Monday, 8, 15 and 22 April) and theater.

In conjunction with the exhibition of paintings Dino Mascia with his company, will stage for the first time the play Ruppeppè, loosely based on the works and life of Pasolini and Zigaina (First National 19 April at the Royal Riding and reply to Concordia Theatre Venaria May 1).

The critical texts relating to the exhibition will be processed by Francesco Poli, Angelo Mistrangelo Birolli and Zeno, who will use, for the drafting of the preface, the participation of Gianni Vattimo. The catalog also will use a highly legible font for people with dyslexia, created by the Publishing House Angle Manzoni.

Saturday, March 9 at 21 also presentation / performance (with short clips preview of the play) of the entire cultural project in the Circle of Readers with all the actors and the meeting with the Master Zigaina. The event is organized in collaboration with the Association of mitofusin 2 Luisa Perranporth, on the Word Association Onlus, Editrice angle Manzoni. The exhibition is held under the patronage of the President of the Republic, the Piedmont Region, the Province of Turin, Turin City Council, City of Venaria, District 1. The main private partners who have supported the initiative are: Art Life, Royal Mutual Insurance Company, Eutelsat Italy, Euromobil Spaini & Partners.

Location: Museum of Natural Science, via Giolitti 36, Torino

Show: "Zigaina and Pasolini. When art can not become fashionable "

Opening: Saturday, March 9, 17:00

Period: March 9 to May 1 2013

Hours: Daily: 10 - 19 | Closed on Tuesdays

museum ticket: € 5,00 - € 2,50 reduced (including the exhibition)

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