Zalf Desirèe Fior 2011 has been presented

Zalf Desirèe Fior 2011 has been presented

The adventure 2011 license plate Desirèe Zalf Fior began: to launch it was the luxurious vernissage on which you are the spotlight of the room Giorgione Hotel Fior di Castelfranco Veneto, with a nice run of journalist Studio Sport, Lucia Blini, have marched to receive the applause of the large audience of fans, of politics and sport, great guests and 21 athletes that will make up the rose red-white-green.

A to christen the baby training castle, a sponsor of exception as the writer, alpinist and sculptor Mauro Corona who did not miss a touch of copyright in the gala staged in honor of the two wheels "I have to compliment with families Lucchetta and Fior because in this difficult time and without points of reference invest in the effort, the effort of these guys who look at the Tour of Italy and Tour de France in the footsteps of many champions who have worn this shirt, "he told the writer linked to the Vajont that you received with pleasure a sparkling mountain bike and the new kit Battaglin branded clothing made in 2011 by designers MsTina.

Applause for the actions of the present authorities led by Mr Luciano Dussin, also spoke in his capacity as mayor of Castelfranco Veneto, senior vice president of the Italian Cycling Federation, Flavio Milani took the opportunity to reiterate "This company is a pearl of the national movement: this is a team that has always behaved exemplary in all the thirty years of activity. athletes of good there are many in the group, but here are some beautiful flowers. "

Also appreciated the post of coach of the Italian national under-23, Marino Amadori "In this group there are three athletes who ran the world Geelong, have chosen to remain in the category and three pieces are also very important perspective in blue. In viewfinder are prestigious events such as the European Championships in Offida and world championships in Copenhagen, I will also need to bring these guys in Italy a mesh of this value. now we need to work well, when it's time to decide, I am sure that you will be ready. "

On the evening of the manifestations of trust is not even missed the message of the great Alfredo Martini cool of the celebrations for the 90th birthday words once again full of wisdom, those of the historic leader of the Italian cycling that ideally have joined the audience of Castelfranco Veneto . A link, however, was the live Udinese coach Francesco Guidolin who wanted to be close to the guys who defend the colors of his town with a football metaphor inevitable "This team seems Arsenal: a great family that knows win with continuity and every year manages to throw the samples is able to survive in the world. "

The challenge for 2011 is launched and, in a week exactly, it will already be time to attack the first number on the back: the Florence-Empoli, the circuit of San Michele di Piave and the Coppa San Geo protagonists await the mesh of Desirèe Zalf Fior.