Zalf 2012, here is the new liverysee photogallery

Zalf 2012, here is the new livery

Castelfranco Veneto (TV), December 28, 2011 - The Zalf Fior Euromobil Desirèe is 30 years old and is about to celebrate it in style. The first step towards the 2012 season has been, in the last few days of 2011, the official presentation of the new shirt that next year will mark the guys boss Gaspare Lucchetta and Egidio Fior.
A special mesh, one designed and packed by the staff of knitwear MsTina of Vallà of Riese Pio X, headed by former French champion, Marcel Tinazzi: the usual design tricolor, in fact, will make its return to the brand Euromobil to recall a story passion for the sport and art. As a reminder of the 30 years of training Treviso makes its appearance, just above the heart, the brand developed by Pope, one of the
among the most popular contemporary artists in the field worldwide. A real restyling, then, affects the blue bands which occupy the collar, shoulders and sides, as well as for shorts that will be white and blue in the front and rear.
To complete the special kit designed to celebrate the first 30 years of Euromobil Desirèe Zalf Fior also a bike unique in its kind: Battaglin C13, provided the athletes to Rui, Camillo Faresin and, in fact, will have a painted white-red-green and blue designed specifically for the anniversary weblog 2012.
Innovations, updates and a touch of elegance that never hurts most: even during the thirty years, however, remain unchanged colors dell'inconfondibile banner that has made known to the general public the best talent in the Italian cycling the last 30 years: from Mauritius Fondriest, released first by the school Salvarosa of Castelfranco Veneto (TV) in 1987 and graduated from the world champion among professionals in the following year Renaix until Enrico Battaglin who in 2011 was able to gain from intern to Peccioli (Pi) the Coppa Sabatini, the list is very long samples weaned at the court of Rui Luciano, Luciano Camillo and, in recent years, including Gianni Faresin, himself a product of legendary school Zalf.
A rich palmares collected in the three decades between the amateurs from the men of Zalf Fior Euromobil Desirèe that can boast of eight world championships (road, cyclocross and in the team time trial), a European championship time trial, thirty Italian titles (last in order of time that obtained in 2011 by Matteo Busato among the elite sc in Canicattini Bagni, ed) and victories in all the classic beautiful amateur national and international calendar except only for the Tour of Italy and the Baby Giro della Valle d'Aosta.
To receive the baton white-red-green in 2012, 20 athletes will be led by Nicola Boem and Gianluca Leonardi, who have worn the blue jersey in Copenhagen, former junior Paul Simion tricolor and the Brazilian under-23 champion, Carlos Alexandre Manarelli . A season full responsibility for the group that is training a month already on the streets of the Trevisan, full of memories, symbols and celebrations: the group Euromobil, brothers Antonio, Fiorenzo, Gaspare and Giancarlo Lucchetta, in fact, will celebrate its quest 'years in addition to the thirty-year partnership signed with Giancarlo and Egidio Fior back in 1982 also the 40th birthday of Euromobil, a leader in the furniture industry and the 30th anniversary of the commitment in the art world, where the brand Euromobil is a partner of the most important international events.
This is pink Desirèe Zalf Fior 2012: re-elected: Nicola Boem, Matthew Marcolin, Gianluca Milani, Pierre Paul Penasa, Paul Simion, Stefano Tonin, Diego Zanco, NEW: Simone Andreetta, James Berlato, Leonardo Basso, Andrea Canovi, Giorgio Cecchinel, Michele Gazzara, Gianluca Leonardi, Carlos Manarelli, Elijah Ongaretto, Nicola Rossi, Andrea Toniatti, Alessandro Tonelli and Simone Viero.
Ds: Luciano Rui, Gianni Faresin, Luciano Camillo, Fabio Mazzer, Giorgio Fiorio Medical Staff: Dr. Fulvio Susanna, Dr. Loris Confortin Massager: Thomas Rech Mechanical: Ivano Gemin WHO 'POPE Trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice the guidance of Bruno Saetti, Carmelo Zotti and Joseph Santomaso, after making his debut with some initial research of informal matrix, Pope first became involved in inventive analysis of emblematismi Pop, to deepen therefore more complex investigations geometric perception, characterized by a elaborate project development of concentrations and dispersion of light energy.
Later, freed, starting from the early seventies to treat all instances optical visual Pope has directed its creative approfonda a reflection on the various elements of the painting and the language itself: hence its paths variables characterized by the iteration of color bands of equal width, consisting of two tones of the same color slightly uneven, spread to cover the entire surface of the painting, clutching a subtle game of commonality and differences.
Although apparently the same, none of the color bands which pervade the surface, just for the obliquity that informs, is in fact identical to any other.
Soon Pope calls into question his statement operational, veiling his previous works a subtle golden patina. Far from being reduced to mere factuality, the apparent cancellation opens the way for a more detailed reflection on the individual components of the painting and their dialectical relationships: between support and surface, color and imaginative configurations, including energy and control, studied in a new relationship
with the space and the environment also by the splitting, in several parts of the work plan and its free recomposition on the wall.
As he approached the position of the so-called "Analytical Painting", while in the meantime we multiply the exhibition events and has participated in important exhibitions and symposia in Italy and abroad, Pope will be developing their creativity in a position of unique balance between the esplicarsi a disruptive expressive immediacy of origin gestural and sign-deepening more controlled instances astrattiste scope rational.
The emergence of the event looks like this color, not without conflicts and clutch lines, even if included in a structural and constructive, while against the form does not show ever put in an intangible, geometric perfection, leaving the surface the pungent flavor of life, even if transfigured in creative dimension of the work.
In this perspective, many emerge then references to the history of contemporary art, from the vastness of the areas to the peremptory nature of the so-called Clyfford Still Painting Signs, dall'impetuosa energy of the dark towers of Franz Kline, the spiritual freedom of Suprematism of Malevich, the contemplative images of methodical meditation Albers.
In his most recent works, Pope has been increasingly refining the quality of his painting, in the increasingly sophisticated and vibrant perfection of the ductus, the subtle coloristic invention of stamps, in calibrated and curvature delineation of boundaries - such as to give sometimes to his beautiful color curtains a thin virtual space - is increasingly qualify as a compelling search for beauty.
The Zalf Fior Euromobil Desirèe is pleased to extend the SV wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy 2012!
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