Van Gogh and the Gauguin's journey

Van Gogh and the Gauguin's journey

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 11:45
Aula Magna UniCredit
Via Tommaso Grossi, 10, Milan

You are invited to attend the press conference
Presentation of the exhibition

Van Gogh
and the trip
Gauguin />
Federico Ghizzoni , CEO UniCredit Group
Marta Vincenzi , Mayor of Genoa
Luca Borzani , President Palazzo Ducale
Gaspare Lucchetta , CEO Euromobil Group

After the welcome introduction
Marco Goldin presents the exhibition
telling also the guidelines of the play, in the near
October anticipate the content of the exhibition.
Readings Gilberto Colla.
Music by Mauro Hammer (flutes)
Renzo Ruggieri (accordion)
Piero Salvatori (cello)



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