The Premio Gruppo Euromobil under 30 doubles

The Premio Gruppo Euromobil under 30 doubles


At the eighth edition the Premio Group Euromobil under 30 doubles

Definitely grown in authority, to the eighth edition of the Premio Gruppo Euromobil  under-30 doubles. Alongside the traditional Prize awarded by the jury of experts it will be assigned an additional one chosen directly by the public. The winner of this additional Special Prize of the Audience's will be the work (and the artist) that receives the most votes from visitors to Art Fair added together to the votes that anyone can assign viewing the image of the competition entries posted on the site Euromobil Group, in accordance with the Falkensteiner hotel chain, offers a discount of 50 Euro for stays of 3 nights and € 100 for 7-night stays on all the hotels in the chain, to all those who will give their vote.

Both the Jury Prize is the Audience one will consist in the acquisition of the winning entries to the collections of Euromobil Spa.

Does not change the scope of the investigation Prize founded and wanted by Gaspar Antonio, Fiorenzo and Giancarlo Lucchetta, holders of the Euromobil Group and art collectors. The admission will be for works of artists under 30 submitted by various galleries Art Fair. Even the success of this event has stimulated the curators of this year's Art Fair to boost the industry, "New Proposals" reserved exclusively for galleries specializing in young artists.

Next to the award, it should be noted that once again, that Euromobil Group, with the brands Euromobil kitchens, Zalf furniture and Désirée sofas is leader in home furnishings, will be the main sponsor of the Fair Bolognese. The brothers Lucchetta will meet the visitors, gallerists and artists in their own space, "I luoghi dell’Arte I Luoghi del Design" dedicated to the selected design products as well as the previous seven editions “Premio Gruppo Euromobil under 30”.

The first edition of the award was won by the artist Jakub Nepraŝ of the Czech Republic, the second edition has rewarded the Italian Paolo Maggis, the third edition has instead awarded the German artist Lars Teichmann and the fourth the English Rob Sherwood, while the winner of the fifth edition was an Italian Libyan artist, Adelita Husni-Bey. The sixth edition has gone to Nebojša Despotović and, finally, the seventh (2013) ex aequo to two Italian artists: Margherita Cesaretti and Valentina Miorandi.

The jury of the Premio Gruppo Euromobil 2014 is as follows: Gaspare, Antonio, Fiorenzo and Giancarlo Lucchetta, holders of the Euromobil Group and art collectors, Claudio Spadoni and Giorgio Verzotti, artistic directors of Arte Fiera, Beatrice Buscaroli art critic, Aldo Colonetti, Scientific Director IED and Cleto Munari designer. Secretary of the Jury: Roberto Gobbo.

The awarding of both the Jury Prize of the Audience Award will be held Saturday, January 25th at 16:00 in the “I luoghi dell’Arte, I Luoghi del design” Hall 25 Bologna Fiere.

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