THE COOL COUPLE wins the eleventh edition of the Premio Gruppo Euromobil Under 30, main sponsor of Arte Fiera Bologna.see photogallery

THE COOL COUPLE wins the eleventh edition of the Premio Gruppo Euromobil Under 30, main sponsor of Arte Fiera Bologna.

THE COOL COUPLE, a duo of artists presented by the Trieste Galleria MLZ Art Dep (stand B34, pav. 25) has won the Premio Gruppo Euromobil Under 30 with their work “General Krasnov’s residence”, Verzegnis #001 A/B, 2013.


The judges’ motivation is: the photographic diptych entitled “General Krasnov’s Residence” recalls a tragic event of the Second World War, brought back to mind by images of the fireplace in the house at Verzegnis where General Krasnov was posted. The biographical aspect becomes a metaphor of a solidified memory, first of all personal and then universal, going from occasional to eternal. It is therefore a real and realistic aspect of the world that now enters the Gruppo Euromobil art collection. The Cool Couple, a duo comprising Niccolò Benetton (1986) and Simone Santilli (1987), was formed at the end of 2012.


At the basis of The Cool Couple’s work are issues connected with receiving and consuming collective representations, encompassing different languages and register in strongly structured projects. Their research highlights the conflict in a networked society’s collective imagination, and analyses the daily interaction between individuals and the community and images. For them photography is a collective habit, the output of which varies from video installations, 3D printing and performance art. Works by The Cool Couple have been exhibited at CCC la Strozzina, Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa, Unseen Festival and MACRO. In 2015 they took part in Circulation(s), Festival de la Jeune Photographie Européenne in Paris and were included in the Discovery Award section of Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles.


Fifteen art galleries took part in this eleventh edition of the Premio Gruppo Euromobil, presenting 15 artists and a total of 21 works viewed by the Jury, which comprised: Gaspare, Antonio, Fiorenzo and Giancarlo Lucchetta, owners of Gruppo Euromobil and art collectors, Angela Vettese, art director of Arte Fiera, Beatrice Buscaroli, art critic, Aldo Colonetti, IED scientific director, and Cleto Munari, designer. Secretary to the Jury: Roberto Gobbo.