second appointment with the

second appointment with the "business conversation" FederlegnoArredo

December 1, 2011 18.00

Will be held today, December 1 the second meeting of the "Conversations business" organized by FederlegnoArredo.
Under the mission "to meet in order to grow," the goal is once again doing business during the storm, rediscovering one of the greatest riches of which our country can be proud: the manufacture of wood and furniture.
To navigate the many difficulties of the current situation we need to focus on those core values ​​that still guide the work of thousands of businesses like the taste of beauty, the passion for work and above all the courage to take risks. Meet and talk with the players in the design and the wood is a great opportunity to get to know the human history and business people who give form and substance to these values.
During this second round of "Entrepreneurial Conversation", which will take place at 18.00 at Euromobil Spa, Via Circonvallazione 21, Falzè Di Piave (TV), will discuss Gaspare Lucchetta, Group CEO Domenico Euromobil and Cora, Cora Vice Domenico & Sons Spa The meeting will be moderated by Peter Bazzoni, Italian Innovation Workshops (business social network).

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