SAVERIO BARBARO. Exposure anthology. works 1949-2011

SAVERIO BARBARO. Exposure anthology. works 1949-2011

Retrospective exhibition of Xavier Barbaro , edited by Michele Beraldo at Villa Contarini, Piazzola sul Brenta, the day Saturday, April 28th at the end of September 2012.
Inauguration intereverrà Giovanni Curatola (University of Udine)
Opening hours: every day except Wednesday 10-18. FREE ENTRY

After quelladello last year, dedicated to Ennio Finzi, Villa Contarini is hosting an exhibition of Xavier Barbaro, among the most famous visual artists nationwide.
The exhibition, which takes place thirty years after retrospective of 1982 was realized at the then-Villa Contarini Simes, aims to cover the entire artistic career of Barbaro, the work of 1949, referring to a cultural context of post-inspiration impressionist, through the successive realistic representations of the fifties, achieved through clumps and layers of color to the recognition of a social and cultural reality, the African, happily represented in his works since the sixties. The exhibition closes with large canvases of the eighties and nineties with a series of portraits for the last year of its production.

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