Sabatini Cup: Battaglin won among the profs!

Sabatini Cup: Battaglin won among the profs!

The goal of the 40 successes had been achieved for the Desirèe Zalf Fior, but Enrico Battaglin wanted to put his signature anyway.

After the victory of Mark Benfield in Molino dei Torti (Al), in fact, had come the news of rewriting the order of arrival of the 52nd Giro delle Valli Aretine made necessary following the disqualification of Yovcho Yovchev and the subsequent assignment of Nicola Boem victory. With amateurs at rest, rose today on the scene professionals for one of the oldest classic of the season: the Coppa Sabatini Peccioli (Pi) he saw at the start in the role of an intern with the jersey of Colnago CSF, Enrico Battaglin .

The Vicenza Molvena (Vi), already the third in the Giro di Romagna in early September, has taken advantage of the excellent physical condition Tuesday that allowed him to finish in second place the Coppa Città di San Daniele adjusting to the big sprint of the caliber of David Rebellin , the Spaniard Daniel Moreno and Italian champion Giovanni Visconti.

A test superlative, the boy matured in recent years to the school of Lucian Rui and Gianni Faresin following a few days the victory of another 22 year old intern, German Rudiger Selig, Tuesday, in the Memorial Frank Vandenbroucke.

Enrico Battaglin, which will make them 22 years on November 17, it is the 21th title in the last four years: after the success of San Daniele del Friuli (UD) that launched him among amateurs at the end of 2008, the intern Colnago csf chose the Coppa Sabatini Peccioli (Pi) to begin a path between professionals: a joy that was given crafting an amazing sprint and proving once more not to suffer any awe, even to the most experienced professionals.

A baby terrible with his first professional victory has also exult Gianni Faresin "It 'a win that first of all about giving to Henry because he is committed to honoring the end of the season jersey Zalf and in a handful of races has already carved out its own space among professionals in the next year, "said coach Vicenza, who for four years closely Battaglin, who added" This win puts to rest the criticism we received for choosing to keep Zalf in this 2011: is proof that Henry has been well managed, has grown gradually and is now ready to take the leap to the pros. Earned it a place at the World Championships, but unfortunately it was not taken into account. "

Faresin to be significant, however, is above all the order of arrival of Peccioli "I see a sort of passing of the baton: it was twenty years since I saw you go up to a young Italian professionals with credentials so strong. In my opinion, the last one was just David Rebellin in 1992. The fact that Henry has preceded it today, is certainly a good omen for his professional career and confirms that young people have the makings of a runner, can also grow in the world of amateur Italian. "

Immense satisfaction of all the entourage of patron Gaspare Lucchetta and Egidio Fior, to express it are the words of Luciano Rui "If the 40 successes we had already won, this is the icing that makes up for a lot of work done this season "he commented, euphoric, the engineer Vittorio Veneto" To see our boy, who until Tuesday ran with the jersey of Zalf, win between professionals confirms that what we sent to the talents that have gone from Castelfranco Veneto goes in the direction the right. The satisfaction is double because it is a boy in whom we have believed much and with whom we could work in a very effective way in the past four years. "And fruits were not long in coming ...