Rimini, Castel Sismondo. FROM VERMEER TO KANDINSKY

Rimini, Castel Sismondo. FROM VERMEER TO KANDINSKY

FROM A VERMEER KANDINSKY. Masterpieces from museums around the world in Rimini

Rimini, Castel Sismondo
From January 21 to June 3, 2012

Each of the main countries that have graced the history of art, was chosen the century, or centuries, to the greater glory, and in that century, especially for Italy, the reality of "regional" more representative. By way of example, the Italian eighteenth century Venetian painting will be reserved from Canaletto to look, from Tiepolo to Bellotto. And they will be represented in the exhibition with a selection of works which is able to circumscribe the best. As well as Tuscany and Veneto in the sixteenth century, the Caravaggio in the seventeenth century, again by way of example only. In this way you will get a broad and global leading personalities who have indelibly marked the course of the history of the last five centuries, both in Europe and in America.

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