As you continue on until October 9, quoting extended and unexpected success, the exhibition "Richard Licata. Mediterranean soul" at the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta in Malta, on 15 September, will open a second exhibition at the National Museum of Fine Arts the same city, open to the public until 15 October, from 9 to 17 from Monday to Sunday.

The two exhibitions curated by Alexander Debono and John Granzotto, will be an integral part in the great white night covering the entire territory of Malta on October 1.

This exhibition, which continues the path of the previous version, has a group of about twenty watercolors, all the most recent years, made of precious papers in hand and linked to the emotions aroused the artist by the host city, which is now honored. "Mediterranean soul", in fact, reflects the sensitivity of Riccardo Licata to the colors, the light, the poetry of things and nature, often linked to opera man who completes his artistic vision and he expresses in signs and symbols his language very personal and unique, each one capable of leading to the discovery of the essence of creation and good of humanity. Riccardo Licata, born in Turin and lived mainly in Venice and Paris, has traveled extensively and found the Maltese origins of his family, as confirmed by research conducted by Carmel Cassar, Maltese historian and university professor, who found the name in Licata 'island since the beginning of 1400.

Of all these cities, Licata has collected and preserved, to return to the public with elegance and lyricism, the lights of Laguna, the mists of Turin, the festive Parisian splendor of the Mediterranean in Malta find their life to be.

As the current exhibition, this one is sponsored by INAC, National Institute of Contemporary Art in collaboration with Heritage Malta, which have granted the patronage together with the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture, the Embassy of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute in Malta.

It is realized with the support of the Group Euromobil.

The book, 144 pages in color, published by Verso l'Arte Editions for the two shows, has already been presented to the public at the opening of the current exhibition.