Raffaello versus Picasso

Raffaello versus Picasso

The Municipal Theatre of Vicenza, May 15
Show announcement shows
that by October 6 will open the Basilica after the restoration

Raphael to Picasso . Stories of eyes, faces and figures is "presented in society," May 15, at 20.45, at the Municipal Theatre of Vicenza with a great show.
In the scene, Marco Goldin who is the curator of the exhibition and the organizer (the introductory speech will be Variati Achilles, mayor of Vicenza), actors and Gilberto Glue Loriano Della Rocca, the singer Tosca, the choir Schola of San Rocco direct by Francesco Paolo Troncon Erle and musicians, piano, Anna Campagnaro, cello, Valerio Galla, percussion, Mauro Hammer, flutes, Thomas Troncon, saxophone, Davide Vendramin, accordion
The show presentation of the exhibition is free entry to all places in any room. All participants, as a tribute, a book of 96 pages on the show. Opening of the theater at 20.

So far the concise poster, the official presentation of Vicenza, the highly anticipated show at the realization of which have contributed to the city of Vicenza, the Fondazione Cassa di Verona, Vicenza, Belluno, and Ancona, The Shadow Line and the two main sponsors, UniCredit and Euromobil Group of Lucchetta brothers. A Goldin it comes in the wake of the 346,025 visitors who made his latest "creation", the exhibition Genoese Van Gogh and Gauguin's journey, the most visited of the season in Italy. A record that this exposure on the figure and portrait - which will have its premiere in Vicenza only to be revived, in expurgated differentiated in Verona - aims to repeat. The enthusiasm with which, a few days ago, was granted the anticipation of the shows that Goldin has done for teachers of Vicenza, is another positive element. At the Astra Theatre were packed more than 400 teachers, with a full house that even the organizers had expected. Among other things, the presentation teachers will be on 22 and 23 May next, encored, given the requests received, respectively, Treviso and Padua.
He then commented on their own, in this climate of enthusiasm for the show to come, the 10,000 reservations collected from the call center line of shadow in just over two weeks of opening them.
The wait for the exhibition Vicenza is made even greater by the fact that it will reopen the doors of Palladian Basilica, at the conclusion of the integral restoration of the building lasted 5 years and fully funded by Fondazione Cassa di Verona, Vicenza, Belluno and Ancona.
For the presentation of the exhibition at the city of Vicenza, Goldin has created a real show, not coincidentally hosted by the Theatre.
Of course, the focus of the evening will be the presentation by the curator of the exhibition, making use of the best photos of the 100 works from October 6 to January 20 can be admired in the Basilica.
Opening the show will be Gilberto Glue and Loriano Della Rocca who will interpret a dialogue written by Marco Goldin, with musical interludes (on texts by Goldin and music of the master Troncon) entrusted to the solo voice of Tosca and choir Schola of San Rocco, direct by Francesco Erle. To conclude this introduction, Tosca interpret "What you are", a song on the look, with texts by Goldin music by Troncon.
After this musical moment, the scene will be all to the curator and his show. Goldin will present his new creation, with the emotion of those who designed, giving it shape day after day, followed with passion to make it grow in the desired way and now wants to share his joy with all your friends.
The program, in the course of the story in pictures, features four musical pauses, to emphasize the presentation of seven works of art of particular significance. Tosca and Choir Master Erle, accompanied by a team of master Troncon, will perform songs that Goldin wrote specifically inspired by the works themselves and Troncon wisely to music. It will be a new Ave Maria in honor of an intense Maternity Giovanni Bellini, the song Descensio corporis Christi joined a powerful Deposition of Lucas Cranach, the song Inside night for a lyrical portrait of Monet makes the wife and, finally, You and moon landscape with a figure of Edward Munch.
Leading to the grand finale, where art, words and music will join once again to seal the thrill of a magical evening for a magical show.

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