Presented in Castelfranco the cycling team 2013!

Presented in Castelfranco the cycling team 2013!

The Euromobil Desirèe Zalf Fior has removed the veil to the group 2013: he did last night in the luxury paint held at the Hotel Ristorante Fior di Castelfranco Veneto (TV).

a "family dinner" that embellished by Alessandro Bertolini and Saved Christian and several journalists who have offered their reflections and their applications to athletes, officials, staff and fans. "The 2013 will be a year of recovery" was the message delivered by owner Gaspare Lucchetta and Egidio Fior who wanted to emphasize the continuity of the Treviso with the slogan "30 +1, a new beginning." And Into the new party is just beginning to be a presentation in style and content, while the team preparations continue ahead of the debut of Sunday, February 17 at the Mentone-Alassio "The group is cohesive and ready for the first commitments of road, "explained Luciano Rui and Gianni Faresin that after the campaign purchases fall, have closely followed the team during these months of training" Marini and Simion in the sprint will be two certainties important, as Penasa, Tonelli and Berlato uphill. then there are young people like Zurlo, Moscon and Salvador and senators as Nechita and Cavasin that make up a well-stocked and ready to be competitive on all types of terrain. "

After three decades of history and success, the new course of Euromobil Desirèe Zalf Fior greeted with pleasure by the Mayor of Castelfranco Veneto, the Hon. Guido Dussin and the new president of the Veneto Regional Fund, Raffaele Carlesso, starts from 21 athletes in pink.

these the 21 athletes who make up the pink 2013:
Simone Andreetta, David Bardelloni, Leonardo Basso, James Berlato, Daniele Cavasin, Andrea Garosio, Gianluca Leonardi, Nicholas Marini, Gianluca Milani, Gianni Moscon, Andrei Nechita, Pierre Paul Penasa, Nicola Rossi, Henri Salvador, Paul Simion, Alessandro Tonelli, Andrea Toniatti, Alex Turrin, Simone Viero, Andrea Zordan and Federico Zurlo.

DS: Gianbattista Bardelloni, Luciano Camillo, Gianni Faresin, Mazzer and Fabio Luciano Rui
Mechanical: Ivano Gemin
Doctors: Fulvio Susanna and Loris Confortin