Nebojsa Despotovic won the 2012 edition of the Premio Euromobil under 30.

Nebojsa Despotovic won the 2012 edition of the Premio Euromobil under 30.

Nebojsa Despotovic presented by Gallery Boccanera of Trent, won the 2012 edition of the Premio Euromobil under 30.
Were over 20 galleries in the sixth edition of Art First Artefiera who candidate for the Prize Group Euromobil under 30 their young promises of art, for a total of 30 works viewed by the jury which was composed as follows: Gaspare, Antonio, Fiorenzo and Giancarlo Lucchetta, owners of the Group Euromobil and art collectors, Silvia Evangelisti, artistic director of Arte Fiera Art First, Buscaroli Beatrice and Francesco Poli, art critics, Aldo Colonetti, Scientific Director IED, Cleto Munari, designer. Secretary of the Jury architect Roberto Gobbo.
Nebojsa Despotovic, Born in Belgrade (SRB) in 1982. Lives and works in Berlin. Degree in Visual Arts and Performing Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice (2011). Bachelor's degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts
Venice (2006). E 'was chosen to perform one year of residence at the studios of the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa. From June to September 2011 he was invited to the 54th International Art Exhibition - Venice Biennale 2011 / Arsenal - Industry Academy of Fine Arts

"The works of Nebojsa Despotovic all come from a study conducted by the artist of Serbia on the recovery of memory and individual photographic heritage.'m A cycle that began as a project to work in a technically and iconographically recognizable mode, where, in addition to the value of each image, there are close relations between the works. thinking and imagining cycles rather than individual jobs on the one hand allows you to concentrate forces, but on the other it is necessary a high form of intellectual self-control "(Daniel Capra).

The jury, by unanimous opinion, expressed the following reason:
The painting of Nebojsa Despotovic, Serbian artist born in Belgrade in 1982, is the winner of the 6 th Prize Euromobil Group.
Devote himself to painting in Europe today is a clear choice, a choice that, as you can see, it appears to be shared by the vast number of painters present in events like Artefiera, and by the selection jury of the prize, with the family Lucchetta, year after year, is gathering a collection that will in time, symptom and symbol of this trend.
In the painting of the young Serbian coexist at the same time personal memory and study the past, high sense of pictorial quality and sensitive attention to daily life in all its aspects, with a predilection for the childhood world, often depicted in a dimension sad and sore. < br /> The landscape prize winner, "discrete topology", mixed media on paper, 2011, shows the depth of research of this artist, careful to give this word an important meaning and literal, reproducing his work digging memorial almost imitating on the actual surface of the work, eroding colors and pigments just lying, as a result of extreme suggestion, both real and conceptual.

The jury also pleased to report that the two works were part of the final trio:

The work of MARCO RIPPED, "Route to elsewhere," presented by The Gallery Apart of Rome.

And the tapestry of VINCENT VULSMA, "WE455 (VII)" in the Galleria Vistamare of Pescara.

Six editions Euromobil Group supports Artefiera as main sponsor at the same time has also designed PremioGruppo Euromobil under 30 who in recent years has rewarded the artists Jakub Nepraš the Czech Republic, the Italian Paolo Maggis, the German artist Lars Teichmann , English Rob Sherwood, the Italian artist Libyan Adelita Husni-Bey.

An alliance between the Brotherhood Lucchetta owners of the Group Euromobil and art that has deep roots. Since young frequented the studios of artists in their territory. "As a result, explains Caspar Lucchetta-passion has led us to know artists of national and international importance, especially through the adoption of major cultural events in prestigious museums such as the Correr in Venice, the Quirinal Stables in Rome, The Museum Santa Giulia in Brescia, the Louvre in Paris, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, the Guggenheim in Bilbao and the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow. During the past 30 years we have tied our brands, Euromobil kitchens, furniture and Zalf Désirée sofas in over 400 exhibitions in Italy and abroad. 6 years We are also the main sponsor of ArtFirst Art Fair in Bologna, one of the most important exhibitions of modern and contemporary art and at the same time, promote the international "Group Euromobil Under 30 ", awarded to a young artist in this exhibition"