Matteo Busato wins the tricolor Elitè!!see photogallery

Matteo Busato wins the tricolor Elitè!!

The title won this morning by Matteo Busato has sparked excitement in the house Desirèe Zalf Fior, expressing the joy of a group for the success of one of the athletes most representative of pink 2011 are the words of Luciano Rui "Today, with this victory, Matthew, he has completed a course of growth "revealed with tears of joy in the eyes of coach Vittorio Veneto" We strongly believed in him last year, unfortunately a bit 'of bad luck and some physical ailment prevented him from getting the results we deserved, so we reconfirmed this year, after winning the Giro del Friuli, he became aware of its potential and demonstrating to GiroBio today to be an athlete now mature and ready for the jump in category. It will be an Italian champion worthy of the title, as it has been to date Stefano Agostini among under 23. "

Spectacular end of the race was staged in Canicattini Bagni, at the end of 155 km in the program: Busato first was good not to be surprised by the action decisive extent of nine athletes to 24 km from the end, then was able to dose the forces in the final tussle that has reduced to two units of the squad tread and finally, it borrows still a good starting fast, has clearly set the sprint fellow adventure.

Immense happiness, that expressed immediately after the finish from twenty-four to Resana (TV) who dreams one day to be a leader in the Paris Roubaix "I do not believe yet. I knew I came out well from GiroBio but I was afraid to suffer the temperature that we found here in Sicily I managed to be covered in the first part of the race thanks to the work of David Gomirato and my other companions, and in the end I found myself with first. When two kilometers from the finish we were informed that we had more than 50 "lead over his pursuers I knew it was my chance. I kept an eye on Fanelli especially because I know that is very fast but then when I saw the finish line, I gave it all and it went well. "

An unpredictable race, that of the elite, which, according to tradition, lived on a brawl continues slipped away at high speed: a success doubly important that obtained by Busato, because it is also the first Italian title among the elite without contract (since it was set up this category) end up on the bulletin board of Salvarosa of Castelfranco Veneto. "It 's been really hard, but I'm happy to have won this title especially for the team that has worked for me today. I hope my victory will be a good omen for those under 23 who will race this afternoon. "Said the new champion Italian elite who concluded:" I want to dedicate this shirt to Lucchetta brothers, Egidio Fior, technicians and all the staff of Zalf because they were close to me in difficult times, who believed in me and gave me confidence this year. "