On June 1,
Caorle, Flussidiversi opens with a
Tribute to Szymborska and Zanzotto

Friday, June 1, in the afternoon, Caorle, opens the fifth edition of Flussidiversi, the feast of poetry promoted by the Veneto Region, the Alps Adriatic Working Community and the City of Caorle in collaboration with the Euromobil Group .

The work is due to start at 17.30, immediately after the inauguration of the Public Library of Piazza Matteotti, the exhibition of illustrations for children designed by the team of the show by Sàrmede.
The program of the day will start at 17.30, near the town of Caorle, with the passing of the baton from the protagonist of the previous edition, Geza Szocs, the guest of honor to the poet Fernando Bandini 2012. There will also be two tributes to many great poets friends Flussidiversi. The first is for the Polish poet and Nobel Prize Wislava Szymborska, a friend of Flussidiversi, unfortunately recently missed.
The Szymborska will be present through the reading of some of his poems, during the opening ceremony of the exhibition curated by Eros Olivotto
After the greeting of the authorities and the tribute to Szymborska, Antonio Cassuti figure illustrate the Guest of Honour 2012, Fernando Bandini. It's up to Bandini, Sunday, discover some of his verses carved on the cliff promenade of Caorle, along with those of the Poets (Andrea Zanotto, Christoph Wilhelm Aigner, Parizia Valduga, Géza Szocs) who preceded him in the high recognition.
The event resumed at 21 with the second of gifts, what to Andrea Zanotto, a great friend of Caorle and the event.
At the Civic Center, will open the exhibition. Afar mass son 'ndat while staying here. dedicated to him, with images of Graziano Arici. Still Zanzotto will be featured at 21.45 in Piazza Matteotti with the play that Stefania Felicioli drew from a text, directed by Stefano Home.
To seal the various times of the day will be the work of the Orchestra Jazz Alpe Adria.
The next day, June 2 in the morning, the festival enters its magic moment with the Cruise Poetry on board the Rainbow Lagoon in displacement along the route of Ernest Hemingway. Here Cecchinel Luciano, Linda Mavian, Paul Henry Migotto Larcher, Mario Rosetti 'Musigna', Francesca Rusalen, Roberto Davide Valerio, Renata Visintini and Fogolâr Furlan Antonio Panciera Eastern Veneto, coordinated by Augusto Debernardi and Henry Grandesso, read their compositions accompanied by Bossanova Vinicius De Moraes for voice caorlotta Martorana and Sandro Gibellini on guitar.
Poetry and children, to 16 in Piazza Matteotti. For Giochidiversi, clowns, juggling, balancing and giant bubbles with Jose Pepon, followed by The Shop of Wonders-creative art workshop for children with the Cultural Association Maga Camaja and the angle of the fairy tale. With Contastorie James Bizzai: animated readings for children, organized by the International Foundation illustration of Sàrmede
Meanwhile, in Piazza Duomo, at 15, to Suonidiversi, exhibition Jazz Orchestra of Alpe-Adria
Still, for Immersidiversi, at 16, poetry readings with Titian Broggiato, Gertrude Maria Grossegger, Adriana Gloria Marigo, Marina Moretti, Gabor Nagy, Isabella Panfido, Tomaso Pieragnolo. Coordinates Henry Grandesso
At 17, to read their poems will be Ljerka Car Matutinovich, Ines Cergol, Carlo Marcello Conti, Mila Haugova, Marko Kravos, Eros Olivotto. Coordinates Augusto Debernardi.
Following experience of poetry from Dante to the present day, with readings from Dante and not, David Swifts.
In the evening, at 20.30, back Suonidiversi with the Jazz Orchestra of Alpe Adria, while at 21.30 poets read poets. Reading Community collective of poets, coordinates Roberto Nassi
From Brazil to Spain with El alma de la mariposas, choreographed by Flamenco Cultural Association Mariposas and readings of texts by Federico Garcia Lorca.
Sunday, June 3, the Festival resumed at 9.30, in Piazza Matteotti with a concert opening day entrusted Jazz Orchestra Alpe-Adria.
So Immersidiversi, reading with Tomaso Kemeny, Flavio Ermini, Antonio Cassuti, Roberto Nassi, Ida beams, coordinates Augusto De Bernardi
At 11, Henry Grandesso presents the play Chicaribo current Brusaporco, inspired by the work of Ernesto poetic Calzavara. Scenic readings of Frederick Pinaffo.
In the afternoon, at 15, painted the porch of Bishop's Square, yet with Suonidiversi Music Jazz Orchestra of Alpe-Adria and, at 15.30, for Liberiversi, in poetry in poetic expression Freedom of free space open to all, Roberto coordinates Nassi .
Finally, the Grand Finale on the waterfront, at the Bishop's Square, with poetry digs the stone closing Flussidiversi engraved with a poem by Fernando Bandini, with the soundtrack Jazz Orchestra of Alpe - Adria.
For the duration of the festival also the publishing Small Fair Poetics, by the World Poetry of Verona.
Of the event, thanks to Euromobil will shoot a video, as the director of Elisa sings.
All the events are free entry.

Info: City of Caorle - Cultural Office
Tel. 0421/219254

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