Flussidiversi 2011 "crowns" Geza Szocs
The poet and man of the Hungarian government
"Happen" to Patrizia Valduga

A pick up the baton of Flussidiversi - the event of poetry this year Euromobil claims - from the hands of the poet will Patrizia Valduga Hungarian Géza Szocs. Will he be the godfather of the 2011 edition of Flussidiversi, a major meeting that meets every year in Caorle, in the Venetian lagoon poets Community Alpe Adria, ie regions of northern Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, neighboring Austria and surrounding areas.

The appointment with the poets of this vast territory between the Adriatic and north of the Alps is announced for 27, 28, May 29 and in squares on the waterfront of the old Venetian city of Caorle.

The event, which took its fourth edition, an authority and a attractiveness objectively International is promoted by the Veneto Region, the City of Caorle and the Community Alpe Adria.

Very singular figure of Géza Szocs, great "witness" of the 2011 edition of Flussidiversi. Géza Szocs (Marosvásárhely, 1953) is Hungarian Romanian origin.
Poet of the greatest of his country's vice minister of culture of the Government of Budapest after being parliamentary and intellectual figure of reference in neighboring Romania, the country from which he was expelled in 1982 after the arrest and imprisonment for subversive activities. At the end of the regime, returned to Bucharest was elected a member of that Parliament.
Its transnationality This led him to express himself correctly in five different languages, including Italian. As a poet he has published ten collections translated into many languages.
But Géza Szocs is not only a poet and politician, he is an intellectual in the round: novelist, essayist, translator, playwright, publisher, as well as point man for the political management of the first culture in Romania and now in Hungary. In May 2009, for his contribution to European culture the Vienna European Academy awarded him its prestigious annual prize.

As in the tradition of Flussidiversi, even Géza Szocs "sign" his vintage cultural Caorle impinging on the cliffs of the seaside town of specially composed verses. Will join those set in stone by Andrea Zanzotto by Christoph Wilhelm Aigner and Patrizia Valduga, witnesses of the event respectively in 2008, 2009 and last year. Into http://flussidiversi.jimdo.com

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