Euromobil Group main sponsor of the exhibition

Euromobil Group main sponsor of the exhibition "Picasso to Raffaello"

Raffaello to Picasso
Stories of eyes, faces and figures.

Vicenza, the Palladian Basilica
October 6, 2012 - January 20, 2013

This is much more than a great show.
And 'the central moment, the focus of a project through which an entire city, Vicenza, has chosen to present to the world. A city that for years has invested to renew, to restore its magnificent monuments and today offers itself in all its refined, historic beauty.
Euromobil Group is honored to be a part of this great collective effort, because it means Vicenza Palladio Palladio means art and architecture raised to sublime level.
Palladio is perhaps the first, extraordinary, incomparable example of how the taste and expertise, when applied with skill and originality, creating masterpieces admired and imitated throughout the world.
Masterpieces beautiful and functional architectures perfect and magical.
And that is what we, in our fields of activity we want to do every day.
We are therefore very pleased to combine our name and our commitment not only to support, such as Main Sponsor, a magnificent exhibition, but also, and above all, to share the effort of an entire city whose culture, art and design has identified codes for its revival.
A prestigious event, which is Euromobil Group, with its companies Euromobil kitchens, furniture and Zalf Désirée sofas, in absolute harmony with the project that has always pursued.