Euromobil Group at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2013see photogallery

Euromobil Group at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2013

We wait for you from 9 to 14 April in Milan - Pavillion 10 - Stand C15 D18

Euromobil Group will be present at “Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2013” with its three brands, Zalf furniture, Euromobil kitchens and Désirée sofas, into an exhibition space of 1000sqm in which we will expose a refined and dynamic lifestyle of total home. This year we follow two innovative concepts:  the authoritative and unique system of Euromobil Living system and the new kitchen projects this year Salone del Mobile wanted as protagonists of the house, fully expressing the philosophy of ""living and cooking" " recognized as Euromobil official claim for years.

A Lifestyle of total home, thanks to a cutting-edge production technology, innovation, creatività and flexibility in the full sign of “Make and Project in Italy” and divided in three main areas into the exhibition space. The first area dedicated to Total Home Design, an original concept of total home  high design with affordable price which includes systems and furnishing of the three companies, integrated and cross-cutting, according to a unique and distinctive Euromobil Group. The second area is dedicated to the Désirée novelties with proposals for systems of upholstered seats and constantly evolving in response to consumer demands in terms of comfort and design. The third area signed by Zalf with solutions dedicated to the children and kids world: aesthetic playful impact,  pleasant and lively chromatically of refined functionality.

To complete and enrich the ambient, precious artistic demonstrations: three major works by the artist Alessandro Verdi and the winners of the latest edition of " Euromobil Group UNDER 30 Award” - Arte Fiera Bologna: HERBARIUM 2009, "LAST 2013, made respectively by Margaret Cesaretti and Valentina Miorandi. The passion for the art of the Lucchetta brothers translates as always artistic proposals of high quality and closely linked with the world of design.

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