Design talks: Setsu & Shinobu Ito talks about collaboration with Désirée sofà

The designer Setsu & Shinobu Ito talks about collaboration with Désirée sofà, Gruppo Euromobil, presented to Salone 2016.

"With Desiree we started to design accessories.
We are Japanese. All our collections are inspired by nature, in terms of shape, appearance, material, etc.
We visited the Desiree’s factory several times. It is a well-established company which avails itself of new technology, but also of craftsmanship, a great Italian feature.
We designed a 2-storey coffee table. It is called Yori and it evokes a bonsai, a Japanese plant. It was born out of a very oriental concept, a Japanese idea, but the result is incredibly Italian. This is really interesting.
The Dabliu series came out of this geometric (organic) shape, a very interesting shape that we conceived and developed both as a coat rack and as a base for a table.
This is the design of the Shellon bed’s back. It is extremely complex, as it features an uneven quilt pattern. I could not imagine how it would be possible to actually make it. Desiree’s team, though, was able to create it in a very elegant way. They did an amazingly good job, it looks just as we imagined it, or even better. This is, in my opinion, the true meaning of Made in Italy.
The design of the Wing chair is extremely light, it almost looks like a bubble. Thanks to technology I could make this chair with a very thin, yet highly comfortable material.

Our co-operation with them is not like working with other companies. We do not just make proposals that they then evaluate and select. We discuss things together in every single phase, from the initial briefing to the creation of the full concept, we make changes, we update things until we get to the point. The cohesion between our experience and culture and their experience and culture: this is a very positive element. We really have a lot to do in the future, with many interesting projects."