Design talks: Marc Sadler talks about his experience with Gruppo Euromobil

Marc Sadler talks about his experience with us: a continuous research of a style and a unique personality.

"My co-operation with Desiree started onward and upward. We were really keen to work together. We did not want to make the same old couch, the standard type of seat. We were looking for a style, a look, a driving force for the company, but also for me.  
I started with some products that had a conventional design, but also featured some unique details, like the rivet, the seams, the proportions… We plucked up the courage and persevered, we checked again and again the comfort, the proportions, and then all of a sudden... it clicked.
We found this big bed, this rectangular shape, very comfortable. We worked a lot on it, even if it might not seem from outside, but there is a whole concept in its firmness. It is not that easy to create something where you can sit, lie and sleep. The cushion is like a trump card, with an internal weight, you can move it around and create an ambiance. You can play with this freestanding centrepiece in all directions. This gave us an amazing character. We patented and registered it, we had to fight in order to protect it, because we were immediately copied.

We took a path, the one we had aimed at from the beginning. The market acknowledges us. We are exporting overseas. We have gained a higher level in terms of taste perception, matching different materials and so on. Behind all this there is, of course, a very strong production department, with great hand-crafted quality and top technology. I must say that this is one of the few companies that are really well organised and structured... and I know many companies in the field.

We are a team with our own language, but we keep researching in many directions.  We have a certain label, people expect from us that we continue to work with such high standards. And we do it. But I would also like to find new elements, I am experimenting with flatter volumes, different feet, etc. I have created some round and oval shapes that will be presented at this Salone. Let’s see… It is an adventure, in the true sense of the word."