Design talks: designer Roberto Gobbo talks about Euromobil kitchen

FILÒ makes a comeback 25 years after the production of the first revolutionary version in 1991, re-interpreted in a contemporary key and with the addition of an industrial touch. While retaining the essential and technological air that distinguishes both versions of Filò, Roberto Gobbo revisits the archetype traditional kitchen, not forgetting the past but looking to the future with the intention of making the kitchen not just a practical work area, but also a meeting place in which to chat with friends while cooking.

I started working in the design sector in the second half of the 1980s, co-operating with Gruppo Euromobil. After an initial settling in period, we created around 1990-91 a kitchen project that obtained a huge success. Its name was Filò. Now, 25 years later, we have created a new Filò.
The word Filò belongs to the traditions and culture of Veneto region. It evokes those moments when families, rather big in those years, almost like a small community, would gather in the evening in the warmest room of their house, often in the cowshed, to share and recount some stories. Those moments were filled with great intensity.  

The Filò project is based on a series of cross references: past and present, tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.
The door finish recalls the passing of time, it interacts and plays with light, but it was also obtained through very advanced technology, matched with skilled craftsmanship. Expert hands make every door unique and different from all others.
The countertop in black granite features a particular finish with a fabric look. On it you find some functional elements for preparing and enjoying your meals. Filò’s materic-cromatic palette is very wide and it includes various materials, such as lacquered surfaces, stone, steel, materic wood and a type of glass with an exclusive screen-printed diamond pattern.
The kitchen project is extremely complex. In it there are so many formal, functional and technological elements that it requires great manufacturing skills.
Besides over 40 years of experience, Euromobil Cucine has passion, enthusiasm and a drive towards innovation. These are the fundamental ingredients needed to work on new projects.