Design talks: Arte, the new Euromobil kitchen design Marco Piva

Marco Piva talks about his collaboration with Euromobil Group for the creation of the new kitchen "Arte", presented to Salone del Mobile 2016.

"The art kitchen’s project was born out of our natural curiosity, as designers, towards materials. We have been researching materials for a long time: they are the fundamental elements of our creativity, both from an architectural point of view and from the point of view of product design.
This led to a rather structured concept of kitchen, based on the relationship shape/material/finish/dynamics of the various parts and components.
The materials belong to 2 categories: natural and artificial. For example, the countertops can be in steel, but also in stone. Textured stone, processed in a particular way. The art theme is also here. It is not just about the art of the kitchen, but also the art of who is able to process these materials and to turn them into something alive, new, contemporary, just like Euromobil does.
As a natural material we used wood, but we chose a rather unconventional type of wood with unique texture, colour and perfume features: the eucalyptus, a very unusual material which contrasts with the shiny, more technical materials.

The art kitchen comes to life with a number of other features. For example, we added glass, a smoked glass that allows you to glimpse the contents inside the shelves, or a reflex glass on the working backdrop: in this way you have a functional, extremely hygienical surface that is also reflective, with the result that you obtain a sense of depth in the working area.
The idea is also to create objects that can interact with each other. For example, a big central island can be reflected on the backdrop of a large wall kitchen. The play on shapes and reflexes creates a small architectural context, something that I find extremely interesting. I actually dislike the furnishing concept, I rather prefer the concept of interior design.  
The art theme might come across as a bit pretentious, whereas it is actually based on a very strong motivating force.  It is linked to my interest for the artistic sector, for that borderline between art and design, with a wide range of proposals that Euromobil is able to present in this field. This because Euromobil is renowned to be a company with a great and long-lasting interest in art, an important connection that lies at the base of Italian design. An architect, a designer has an idea. A company is then able to understand it and to translate it into something with a specific use, for a specific market, with a deep awareness of what is actually needed today or in the near future."