Gruppo Euromobil will be present on 18/19/20 May with its brand Euromobil kitchens in Villa Widmann Rezzonico Foscari – Mira – into the event “Best of Alpe Adria” Restaurants, Wines and Food Exhibition  with Free Steel kitchen, Electrolux appliances included, in which some of the best chefs of Alpe Adria will present their show cooking.

Among the events planned for rich manifestation program, we would like to underline the coking proof: "Alto Adriatico, from Trieste to Delta Po, presents the bluefish". The award “Premio Speciale Giuria of Alpe Adria 2013 Gruppo Euromobil” will be assigned to the best dish. This proof takes place into Free Steel kitchen and will be held by 6 chefs of prestigious restaurants of Alpe Adria:

- Restaurant Al Bagatto,

- Restaurant Villa Goetzen,

- Restaurant Perbacco,

- Restaurant Dobladino,

- Osteria Arcadia,

- Restaurant Da Domenico.

The event will be presented by Maurizio Potocnick and supported by an exceptional jury that nominates the winner:

Fiammetta Fadda (Cuochi e Fiamme La 7 TV),

Fausto Arrighi (ex-director guida Michelin),

Donato Troiano (dir. Informacibo),

Gianluigi Veronesi (editor Degusta),

Michele Florentino (Monte-Carlo Festival Wine&Food),

Ingrid Badurina Danielsson (Curator Zagreb Wine&Food),

Antonio Paolini (journalist Il Messaggero, curator Guide).


A unique path in a unique place. The Alpe Adria is a strong identity crossroad thanks to eno-gastronomic patrimony with no equal in the world. In fact into the 4 nations (Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia) and into 9 regions they have met the Balcony and Pannonia traditions, added to Mitteleuropa, the Venetian Republic culture and the one of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Gruppo Euromobil, always willing to promote cultural events, is very proud to support these initiatives in order to enhance the involved area.