ALBERTO BURRI Unico e Multiplosee photogallery

ALBERTO BURRI Unico e Multiplo

On Saturday 14th of June at 18,30 into Pinacoteca Comunale it will be inaugurated the exhibition of  Burri Unico e Multiplo with 126 works.

The exhibition, promoted by Gaeta Common, by the Association Cultural Novecento, Monte-Carlo International Art and Antonio and Paola Sapone has a particular value in front of the big event of next year at Guggenheim Museum of New York, where it will be fitted an anthological ex position for the centenary of the master birth.

The works come from the Fondazione Burri of Città di Castello, the museum wanted by the master in his home town., between Palazzo Albizzini and the Ex Seccatoi del Tabacco, wide and evocative archeological industrial spaces, bought and remade for the ex position contest by Burri himself, where they are exposed some of his main works and the Antonio Sapone collection, his very closed friend for his lasting career, when he decided to live and work in Beaulieu, Costa Azzurra, not only for the winter climate since to stay with his friend Antonio Sapone.

Alberto Burri died in the hospital of Nizza on 13th February 1995.

In addition to his articulated cellotex exposition and some drawings, it will be exposed a multiple work of the master, as the “Combustioni”, dated 1963-64, the “Cretti” in 1971, the “Multiplex”, in 1981, the six serigraphy series titled “Cellotex” in 1992, the “Oro e Nero” in 1993, the evocative “Monoplex” in 1994. The installation presents also unusual works combination for date, but extraordinary in harmony with the inspiration profile.

The exposition has been carried out by Agnisola.

The catalogue, issued by Magonza Editore, is enriched by contributions of Bruno Corà, President of Fondazione Burri and Marcello Carlino, of the University La Sapienza of  Rome.

This exhibition is also a tribute to Nemo Sarteanesi close friend and faithful Burri, secretary general of the Fondazione Palazzo Albizzini - Burri Collection since its inception and later Honorary President.

The prof. Sarteanesi was a figure discreet, quiet, noble and elegant, a man of strong principles, critical thinking and intolerant of everything that prevented the achievement of its ultimate concern: the love of art as a real passion.

The exhibition will be promoted by the main sponsor the Euromobil Group of Treviso. With its three companies, Euromobil kitchens, Zalf furniture and désirée sofas, is a leader in the design and support of cultural initiatives.