Alberto Biasi at studio G.R

Alberto Biasi at studio G.R

Alberto Biasi study GR
In collaboration with
Maria Lucia Fabio & Alberto Pasini

Sunday, April 3 12:00
Studio Art G.R.
Viale Zancanaro n. 44 SACILE (PN)

Hours: Monday-Saturday 9:30 to 12:30 / 16:00-19:00

Alberto Biasi (1937) form the Group N in 1959 where he worked until 1967. In 1960 he exhibited with Castellani, Manzoni and European artists of the "new artistic conception." In '61 is one of the promoters of New Trends in the time signature works as the plots, the findings obtained for dynamic optical-overlapping lamellar structures, the visual dynamics obtained by twisting and perception unstable environments. Then he started working on the forms and changing spatial and harmonic movements creating a series of works entitled polytype, the latest evolution of his work, in step 2000, is a synthesis of previous research called assembly. Biasi today boasts more than 100 solo exhibitions and 400 group exhibitions, his works are preserved in museums throughout the world.
The study Art G.R. a tribute to the maestro Alberto Biasi presenting an exhibition that brings together essays art pieces produced during a career spanning half a century. Will be presented in all about forty works ranging from the twists and Optical Measurements kinetic-60s, the polytypes of the '70s, and finally to the contemporary Assemblies. Remarkable also is the presentation of three unpublished tempera Optical lithography-based dating back to the mid-60s and a light installation Light Prisms.
An elegant in its 100-page catalog contains illustrations of all the works on display. The same will be accompanied by two essays composed by the editor, Leonardo Conti, lead to a correct reading of the production of the master. Are also published by critics by prof. John Granzotto and Alberto Pasini.
The exhibition will remain open until 12 June 2011. Will be present to paint the artist Alberto Biasi, the curator Leonardo Conti and the gallery director and art critic John Granzotto.

For more information:
Tel: 0434 738016/0434 780345
Fax: 0434 785915

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