The kitchen as an area in which to live and enjoy life, locking out the cares of the world. Rooms with unmistakable style in which to nourish body and soul. EuroCucina - Milan 17-22 April 2018 - The kitchen is the place where people feel truly ‘at home’. This idea has encouraged Euromobil cucine to continue its significant participation in this important event, which began in 1974, contributing with its brand’s distinctive message, epitomised in the ‘Kitchen Atmosphere’ leitmotiv. Efficiency and evocation are part of the vision that has led the company to re-consider the kitchen as something more than a mere workplace: a place in which to live, experience emotions and share the pleasure of preparing and eating food. The idea is of a place where design creativity, intuition and a long-term outlook come together in every project, together with the best materials to exalt the unmistakable elegance typical of products made in Italy. Marc Sadler has designed the new SEI Kitchen for Euromobil cucine, previewed in this 2018 edition. SEI (six) by name and deed, because the project is based on a thickness of 6mm for tops, side panels and accessories. The new LEON kitchen is designed by Roberto Gobbo, Gruppo Euromobil designer since 1988. Perfectly coherent with the ’Kitchen Atmosphere’ concept, its distinguishing features are pure lines and materials that recall the past, such as fossil wood and brushed aluminium. We also see the archetype project of our ‘Kitchen Atmosphere’ vision in the TELERO kitchen, launched last January and now presented as a new Multisystem version with integrated handle. New in 2018, also a Roberto Gobbo signature design, is IMAGE, an open system typically for the kitchen, but not only: elegant and airy, the system is based on an ultra slim metal frame for both the vertical frame and shelves. Projects by Euromobil successfully bring together technical aspects, emotions, innovation and practicality applied to the kitchen, the heart of the home, where the day begins with breakfast, a place that provides a place where friends and family meet around a table, and becomes a haven after a hard day’s work, a private space where the cares of the world can be locked out. By adopting this ‘Kitchen Atmosphere’ concept, Euromobil cucine wishes to produce décor capable of creating a real atmosphere that welcomes people and nourishes their body and soul.