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If we consider the history of the recent past, the past quarter century, they leap to the extraordinary transformations that have changed the way we live, produce and thinking, in Italy and around the world. Euromobil grew up in this scenario in rapid and continuous change, developing gradually, revealing ability to anticipate change and to achieve the objectives. Founded in 1972, the Euromobil is a "case history" in the field of furniture for the home and office, exemplary, even in the context of Venetian entrepreneurship, although it did have a leading industrial models.

Indeed, it is the story of a company that started from a size and a craft mentality in the second half of the eighties, through the foresight of the choices made by the property, Brothers Antonio, Fiorenzo, Gaspare and Giancarlo Lucchetta, it is deeply transformed, growing up to become one of the largest industrial groups in the difficult market of furniture by changing the concept of furniture making it a true centre design and consulting services for the furniture for the home and office, with the production of custom kitchens in times absolutely certain. One of the objectives have been achieved, we can say, the most important is the optimization of the industrial product of furniture, allowing you to achieve the most balanced quality / price ratio.

Founded in 1972, the Group Euromobil is a "case history" in the field of furniture for the home and office, exemplary, even in the context of Venetian entrepreneurship, although it did have a leading industrial models.

Next comes the creation of a high standard of service, as the efficiency and speed of service requirements are among the most appreciated by customers. Can be said to have established a recognizable image, able to communicate to the public the values enshrined in its proposals. The meaning of a global market presence, also in view of the practical benefits that a proposal would provide all-out commercial partners, led Euromobil to expand its offer. The kitchens were well alongside the modular furniture, produced by Zalf subsidiary since 1974, and upholstery, with the new input Désirée in 1995.

It is formed in this way, the Group Euromobil, which has started to move with greater amplitude of perspectives and greater capacity for penetration. Every company has retained its character and know-how, but among them has developed a transfer of experience both in the field of technology is that of the management and distribution of the product. And most companies have co-ordinated furnishing solutions offering consistent, responsive to the same manufacturing philosophy, characterized by modularity of concrete quality, the taste is elegant and sophisticated and together with simple and basic, addressed to the same wide range of consumers.

Territory and tradition

The landscape is wide with narrow streets, campaigns that are lost between expanses of greenery and sudden written recall companies, many who over the years have been born with an ever increasing rate. We are in the most industrialized Veneto, where generations have lived in an adult manner the changes and have passed the baton, turning the manual skill and strength artisan in a form of management that seeks to be more and more managerial.

We are in the province of Treviso, where in addition to a myriad of small businesses were added medium-large district, creating a diverse and multi-faceted district. Here is one of the leader is the furniture, in all its facets. In our times, when talking about "venetian furniture", we are referring now to a brand consolidated national and international level.

Some scholars argue that the Italian custom of Veneto, and Treviso in particular, represents in this century, the heart of Italian small and medium enterprises, the backbone of a real and lasting company that still seems to have no equal in other parts of Italy. In this area, the history of companies intersects with that of many families, the founders and inspiring many "entrepreneurial paths" that set an example for the rest of Italy. The Venetians do the best to the stubbornness around a favourite pastime, an energy born without being prompted and become productive and commercial activity, cultivating their creativity.

Among the many stories that characterize the business community of this area, the events that mark the human and business that has led the Group Euromobil to be a European leader in the furniture industry is very charming. The company in fact is an important case study and provides a positive model of business growth, starting from the creation of a small family business, is built around their strengths, craft, technical and moral, to become a great and prosperous industrial group.

Our Mission
We believe in, and promote, Italian style and design, inspired by our creativity and artisan origins. It is our desire to provide décor systems and complementary items for all the rooms in the house and contract projects that are excellent, functional and affordable.

Our Values
A corporate project that is focussed, clear and shared throughout our in-house and external structures, a synthesis of our intuitions, knowledge and competences, encapsulating.

We use Innovation and design to meet the needs of contemporary life, with a watchful eye on the future. Each point of arrival is a new starting point for us. Every new project must surpass the previous one, upholding the values of nature, our world and its inhabitants.

Our Aims

  • to be a leader on our market, as Gruppo Euromobil and each individual company: Euromobil cucine, Zalf mobili and Désirée divani;
  • to comprehend the needs, expectations and requirements of the market and all parties involved, in order to fully satisfy them;
  • to be worthy of customers’ trust and loyalty by pursuing high standards of quality in our products and services;
  • to achieve great efficiency and effectiveness in all our processes through management that addresses constant, continuous improvement, with a clear vision of all-round innovation;
  • to apply competence and passion that involves all our personnel at all levels.