100% Made in Italy

Euromobil produced only in Italy, the Research & Development center business plans in collaboration with architects and designers exclusive. In Euromobil product management is fully automated with CNC machines. The production process is complete, from the blank to the finished product. The high quality of the products is guaranteed by the processing performed in a workmanlike manner.



Euromobil proposes a new concept of design and responsible for the home that makes it distinctive and always accessible.
All products Euromobil are designed and manufactured according to strict safety criteria and respecting the ergonomic regulations in force, in accordance with the logic of the final consumer. To check the quality of its products, Euromobil periodically sends a selection of furniture, most Italian Institute accredited to certify compliance with the European UNI EN 14749, specifically for the kitchen cabinets.



  • Great adaptability
    Material suitable for any kind of surface or backing, old or new, flat or curved, vertical or horizontal. Produced by qualified experts.
  • 100% ecological
    Ecomalta uses non-toxic water-based paints, it does not develop harmful gas and is free of hydraulic binders, cement, lime, chalk and epoxy resins. Entirely recyclable.
  • Strength and durability
    Indestructible surfaces, resistant to dirt and stains, hygienic and practical to clean as well as easily repairable.
  • Unique flexibility
    The material is applied with new continuous surface decoration methods, and is the most flexible ever produced.
  • Waterproof
    Waterproof but permeable by steam molecules throughout its thickness, providing natural breathability.
  • Six hand applied coats
    To ensure perfection and guarantee a safe reliable product six applications are made entirely by hand.


  • Health protection
    Safeguarding the health of those who produce furniture and those who live with it every day.
  • Environmental protection
    Water-based paint reduces the emission of polluting solvents, known as VOC (volatile organic compounds) by 95%.
  • 120 gr/mq 120 g/m2 water-based paint
    Silk finish matt ecolaccato with twin component water-based paint. Panels are finished on all sides with final grammage of 120 g/m2.
  • Soft finish, R1 panel edge
    Water-based paint is used for a matt finish that’s silky soft. 22mm thick wood panel faced on 2 sides, R1mm ABS edge on four sides.
  • Objective juniors
    UNI EN 71-3 standards regulate the use of paints on materials that may come into contact with children’s mouths.
  • Catas certification of excellent duration
    Technologically advanced finishes that do not yellow over time and have excellent resistance to scratches. Reliability is guaranteed by authorized body Catas.


EcoPannel F**** (four star) wood particles, water repellent V100, obtained from the re-use of wood material (thus avoiding the felling of new trees), the logic of respect for nature and the final consumer. The ecopanels Euromobil has the lowest emission of formaldehyde (0.04 ppm) on the market today worldwide, drastically reduced to less than half the current European standard. Reinforced backs (4 mm thick), to ensure greater stability and robustness.

Veneers exclusive, selected, and quality of first choice, with low solvent content coating as provided by the regulations in force.

Textured matt and lacquered glossy polished (including the edges). Coating on a neutral background a low content of solvents as required by current regulations. Application of four coats of paint on the front, rear and door edge with the final weight 240 gr. for each side. Drying in hot air ovens and stabilization of trolleys for 3 days. Sanding of flat surfaces for brushing cards with very fine, so as to remove any defects on the surfaces. Brushing through final polish, wax and rinse. Final inspection of parts for manual cleaning and additional checks. Application of a protective film.

Melamine thermo-structured
Exclusive fronts in melamine thermo-structured (th.0, 7 mm) preforming R2 mm, oak open pore in various finishes with matching interiors and edges of head abs th. 1 mm

Hidden brackets
Hidden fixings with a capacity of 100 kg are the latest generation of larger capacity than today's standards, with the new mounting on top, in addition to the traditional side of the cabinet.

Drawers, baskets PREMIUM and CUBE with rails GRASS
Drawers and baskets full extension corda lacquered matt are equipped with lateral stability, tolerance balancing and triple adjustment. Due to the very strong Guides Grass, scrolling is quiet and calibrated for large permanent loads. The closure is cushioned with a special piston to "AIR" built-in guide.

Hinges “Silentia”
Salice hinge combined with decelerating effect, it is technically and aesthetically revolutionary vanguard: the decelerating system is hidden from view and fully combined with the components of the hinge, does not alter the design of furniture and adds value both functional and aesthetic. They are equipped with quick coupling with triple adjustment, protected by a galvanic bath which gives unlimited resistance to vapor and chemicals. The hinges "Silentia" are certified by the German LGA for openings up to 80,000 cycles.

Led lighting
Euromobil is very attentive to households, for this offers a diverse range of lighting systems with LED light source, which compared to common fluorescent lamps offer energy savings (Watts) up to 80% more length at least 10 times, not produce ultraviolet rays and generate very little heat.