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Renovation project at Locri (Reggio Calabria)

Extension and interior redistribution of a building at Locri, Reggio Calabria.

The purpose of the operation was to improve the distribution of space inside a building built at the end of the 60s, with design criteria now obsolete and lacking functionality. Space was made more functional by extending the building. The project was based on achieving fluidity to give continuity to the rooms, overcoming the physical constraints of the vertical partitions, by using contrasting materials and colours. The boundary between the living room and service areas is emphasised by a covered wall similar to contemporary boiserie panelling, the centre of which is interrupted by an aperture communicating with the two macro areas. Products included: Euromobil Filoescape kitchen All Zalf Angolo table Blo Us sofa by Désirée Project designers: Studio di Architettura e design Promenade Architecturale Work started 2014 – finished 2015

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