"Adam and Eve"

Lorenzo Mariani wins the Premio Euromobil under 30 2016

A whiff of nature, a poetical work by thirty-year-old Lorenzo Mariani, known as l'orMa, fascinated the Jury, who were unanimous in awarding him the tenth edition of the Premio Euromobil Under 30, assigned at Artefiera Bologna.

The title of this original work is Adam and Eve, 2016It was presented by Galleria Spazio Testoni, Bologna.

The work has been purchased by the Euromobil Collection and will feature in an extensive exhibition that Gruppo Euromobil is planning in an important Italian venue.

The jury, which comprised expert art collectors Gaspare, Antonio, Fiorenzo and Giancarlo Lucchetta, proprietors of Gruppo Euromobil, Claudio Spadoni and Giorgio Verzotti, artistic directors of Arte Fiera, Aldo Colonetti, design critic and Cleto Munari, designer; secretary to the Jury: Roberto Gobbo, was coordinated by Beatrice Buscaroli, who states: “this work by a young Milanese artist, used to contaminating past and present, memory and nature in his art, reveals a concept treated with extreme elegance which at the same time exalts its natural aspect.  This mix of different influences and cultures is the origin of the strongly evocative air that expresses a sense of mystery, almost encouraging a delicate query: is it the work of a human or nature?”

Now it’s time for the public to have their say.

The 28 works selected, including that by Lorenzo Mariani, winner of the Jury’s Prize, are now submitted to the judgement of the public.  Anyone can vote for the work they like the most on the website: www.gruppoeuromobil.com

As usual, the traditional prize awarded by the panel of experts is flanked by a second award assigned directly by the general public.  The winner of this special prize is the work (and therefore the artist) to obtain the highest number of votes from visitors to Arte Fiera, to which will be added those from whoever wishes to assign votes after viewing the images of the contestants’ works on www.gruppoeuromobil.com

Voting will continue until noon on Monday 8 February. The winner of this special Prize will be announced on the social media and Gruppo Euromobil website on Tuesday 9 February 2016.


Matthew John Atkinson is the winner of the prize awarded by the public at the tenth edition of the Premio Gruppo Euromobil under 30. His work, with its long title “I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart for so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time.” Winnie the Pooh, 2016, received 212 votes and around 80 shares on Facebook. It immediately stood out from the 28 competing works for number of votes.  At one point it was neck and neck with Erica Kimberly Lizzori’s work, which received 183 votes, but in the end the winner was the British artist.

This acknowledgement by the public who voted on the Gruppo Euromobil website completes the awards for the tenth edition of the Premio Gruppo Euromobil under 30, promoted by the Lucchetta brothers.

For some years now the Premio Gruppo Euromobil has added a second award: the Jury’s Prize awarded by a panel of experts during the Bologna Arte Fiera is flanked by a second one for the work and artist to receive the most votes from the general public.

The Jury’s Prize assigned at Arte Fiera has been awarded to Lorenzo Mariani, known as orMa, for his work “Adam and Eve”, proposed by Galleria Spazio Testoni, Bologna.

Matthew John Atkinson, presented by the Milan art gallery Nam Project, is a British artist born in 1985. He lives and works at Gravesend in the UK and is already internationally known, also in Italy.  Recently the “Modern Painters” magazine has included his name in its list of 100 young artists to watch.