Cristian Mometti and the " vasocottura"

The first book on Cristian Mometti, but also the first book in the world that faces 360 ° this technique in the cooking. In fact as spoken for years, there are chefs in Italy, as Mauro Uliassi, who were able to create some recipes inspired all'albanella shellfish, others talk about it, others ignore it.
Cristian Mometti is the talented chef who has created a career path and a search that has no equal tenacity, creativity, deep knowledge of the subject before testing. A very personal and unique philosophy that only a professional could give us a guideline precious and not to be missed on the subject.
The Vasocottura is a technique of the modern cooking, but like so many things today, goes back to the past, see the old Balkan tradition where the food was cooked slowly in its own juices in cast iron pots closed and then covered with embers to make so that the dishes remain juicy preserving their authentic flavor. The Vasocottura of Cristian Mometti is a technique that has similarities and in fact the concept is simple, practical and at the same time fascinating, both for the visual presentation on table , both the aromas, flavors, tastes that evolve nose and palate.
The Vasocottura offers many possibilities to coordinate food, mushrooms excluded because the toxins they release instead of airborne concentrate in the pot: from vegetables to seafood and shellfish, from deep-sea fish to meat, bread, canned, chutneys and jams. All cooked at temperatures ranging from 64 ° C up to 155 ° C.
With the passage of the vacuum technique that uses Mometti, are halved cooking times and is completely excluded the loss of protein values ??and vitamins. The food, even compared to traditional techniques, do not lose their natural color, indeed, praise him.
The search of Mometti has not been developed only in the creation of combinations of materials, games and olfactory, ideal temperatures for cooking, but has gone to understand the micro-climate that develops within the jar, an environment with very different environment of ovens in traditional cooking and then again up to the jar in its most appropriate form, to the type of glass and its sealing pressure.
Thirty-exclusive recipes, those that represent the first phase of research, including "L'Adriatico", the first dish that sparked the love of Cristian for Vasocottura, "Variazione sul Polletto" for which he won the 1st place in Erba as "Chef of the Year 2009 ', but also many recipes that do not betray from Veneto origins as the" lasagna Cosmopolitan "starring the "Broccoli Creazzo", the" Terrina di agnello"with the use of Lamb from Alpago (a Slow Food).
Not only recipes inspired by Veneto but also organic products with a short chain, combined with other international. Cristian knows how to play with tradition but knows questioning the creativity that led him to interact with his sense of color and graphics.
In recipes of Cristian the jar is not always the protagonist. Sometimes it is only a complement to create playful elements, where the user can create and search inside the dish an emotional journey, a gastronomic adventure and ripersonalizzabile be finished in dosing and sequence. It is precisely this "free up" the gourmet that makes it even more interesting proposals to Cristian and accentuating the curiosity to face at the table, thus creating among the guests an environment where you can not only develop a sensory gastronomic culture, but a pretext for socializing through food.
Each dish of this book is represented by an inspiring philosophy, a lay-out construction, a detailed recipe and photographs of emotional Ezio Prandini, great photographer in the world of design and furniture but the first experience in the world of food. Perhaps not surprisingly Ezio was one of the first to believe in this project, thus creating a book that will remain in the history of Italian cuisine.

Maurizio Potocnik
President of the Association Cultural Club "Magnar Ben"