vago. catalogo ragionato

vago. catalogo ragionato

Valentino Vago. A catalogue of the canvas works

The Euromobil Group participates in the issuing of the Catalogo Ragionato of the works on canvas by Valentino Vago, published by Skira in 2012. Into Edited by Ornella Mignone, texts in the catalog of Flavio Arensi, Flavio Caroli, Claudio Cerritelli, Chiara Gatti, Giancarlo Santi and divided into three volumes (1056 pages total), the catalog traces through about 4000 paintings the artistic work of Valentino Vago (Barlassina, 1931) since 1951.
The essays in the first volume investigate the different phases of the artist: the beginning, with the work carried out at the Brera Academy, Horizon black, a work that the author is the beginning of the research, to get to the recent series called La bellezza dell'infinito (2008-2010) and the religious murals which Vago has occupied since 1982, analyzed in a text Giancarlo Santi. The appendix is presented extensive cataloging of interventions made ??in Italy and abroad.
The other two volumes contain the document summary, which provides a philological knowledge of the many authentic works and dissolve doubts about any false or copies.

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