Euromobil takes part of the general catalog edition of Virgilio Guidi

Virgilio Guidi is considered one of the greatest Italian artists of the twentieth century. Trained in Rome, where he was born in 1891, reached international acclaim with his work "il tram", exhibited at the Biennale in Venice in 1924 and now present in Rome at the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte moderna. Significant step for the evolution of his painting is the transfer to Venice in 1930, where processes more expressive synthesis, as evidenced by the number of Marine in which light and color and help to simplify the form and space. Spatialist participant in the movement led by Lucio Fontana, after the war Virgilio Guidi is an indispensable reference for the younger generation of artists who look to his painting with increasing interest.
The Lucchetta brothers, although not personally known and popular Virgilio Guidi - who died in 1984 - have always shown a great interest in his painting, becoming in time strong supporters and collectors of his works. This significant relationship grew and grew thanks to his friendship with the critic Toni Toniato which over the years has conducted important research and interpretive studies around the work of the artist, until the compilation and publication of the catalog occurred in 1997, in collaboration with Dino Marangon and Franca Bizzotto.
The large work (about 10,000 images) resulted in three volumes collected and published by Electa. At the beginning coordinated and promoted by Giuseppe Mazzariol of the University of Venice, the general catalog of the pictorial work of Virgilio Guidi, saw the light thanks to the support of the Group Euromobil also.